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Ari Lehman The “First Jason” Voorhees

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the First Man to ever play the Iconic Killer Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th, that little boy who popped out of the water and scared the hell out of us ARI LEHMAN! I am proud to say that this man is a friend of mine and, started his own musical project called “First Jason” (Get It?) Where he sings about the Fan Fic life on Jason Voorhees. He has been touring across the country with this new band where he plays the most metal instrument I have ever scene “THE MACHETE KEYTAR” to wide collective audience from music such as Metal, Punk, Rock to film genera fans like horror and comedy. He has even played in Germany. His music is truly unique and one of a kind. So what does Ari think about being such an Icon in horror even he had a small role? What has been the crowds reaction to this new musical act? What was the funniest thing that he has even scene at show? Find out now as I interview my friend Ari Lehman “First Jason” Voorhees

Lloyd Kaufman

President and founder of Troma Entertainment came to Niagara Falls to shoot his latest Opus “Return To Nuke’m High” where I got be an “Actor Person” in his movie and Lloyd was Gracious enough to grant me a phone interview when they were finished shooting. This may not be a musical guest but he is such an interesting person who I believe has earned a moment of everyone’s time. Whether you love him or hate him, you got to respect him. He is a man who refuses to bow down to Hollywood with their rules, standards, and everything else so that he can make the movies he wants to make. So how did he get started with making movies? What does he about movies today? What are some of his favorite independent movies? Found out now as I interview Lloyd Kaufman

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Friend’s Bands and Projects My Dear Friend Ari Lehman and his band My good friend Bill Manspeaker leader of the worst band in the world GREEN JELLY Life long Friend and my first Guitar Teacher Eddie Depool and his recording studio My Friend Misha Feldmann and his band Fronted by a man I have been proud to call my friend for over a Decade Kelly Shaefer my Magical Idol a mentor The Masked Magician.

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I recently had a chance to interview the Original Party Animal of Rock Andrew WK. This man is quite the character he is a classical and jazz trained pianist who now plays metal, punk and rock. He appeared on OZZFEST back in 2002 where he played with Obituary and he was the host of “Destroy Build Destroy” on Cartoon Network. So how why did he go from playing Classical & Jazz to hard rock? What are some of his favorite albums? And how does he feel about his show being taken off the air? Well grab a beer, take a seat and kick back as I interview ANDREW WK