Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bad News

Well I have finished recording my first episode of my concert review show but, the bad news is…It’s gonna cost $90 to get it all edited and mixed together. And I just do not have the funds for that. I would like to do a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds (not just for to get the video done but to also be able to afford my own editing software and equipment) but i’m still just some nobody and have no prizes to offer. Ill keep doing interviews and try to think of some other videos to do to fill the void. But, I should most likely have 2 interviews lined up for October (Butcher Babies & Gemini Syndrome) and ill keep everyone updated on that. Sorry for the delay.

Butcher Babies & Review Show

Hey Everyone, CC here. Well I had some audio issues so i’m gonna try to re-shoot it when they come back around October 17 during their tour with Danzig. In other news I have finished recording the first episode of my concert review show. To give you an idea of what it will be like it will be narrating over the photos I took at the concert. S it will be like a slide show presentation. I just need to send the video and the photos to my video prep guy. I will also be shooting an Unboxing video for his site of there latest DVD Release “Dragons: Riders Of Berk”. I will do my best keep everyone informed. ROCK ON!!!