Monthly Archives: October 2013

Stones Of Madness

WHAT’S UP NATION! I’m back from Vacation and now it’s time to get back to work. I have two new interviews coming up with Gemini Syndrome & Butcher Babies, plus I plan on having my first concert review episode out before the end of the year but until then I want you all to check out the first music video from Stone Of Madness “Hostility” featuring Atheist front man Mr. Kelly Shaefer. I already loved the song but, what I love about the video is that they really tried to put some creativity into it. Newer bands don’t have the kind of money to make a big flashy video but, that doesn’t mean you still can’t make it look good. I love the use of black and white filters it gives it this underground look and with the kind of music they play it fits very well. I also love the visual affects as well with layering footage on top of another, it makes the video more interesting to watch. All and all I give both the song and the video 5 \m/ out of 5. I think we can expect great things from Stone Of Madness, Enjoy¬†Hostility.

Kamp Crystal Lake

As much as I love Rock & Metal I have always stood by the fact that the Magic, Fun, and Excitement of concerts is for ALL GENERAS! I don’t care if your Country, Pop or Rap which brings me to my latest guest KAMP CRYSTAL LAKE. There is one Genera of Rap I can deffinantly get behind and thats HORROR RAP. I love a Good Horror Movie and these guys manage to take horror stories and put them in songs. They even manage to splice in references from classic horror films as well as some of their own horror stories. And even told me how to write lyrics for horror songs. They even opened for my friend Ari Lehman of FIRST JASON and I knew I had to get an interview with these guys. This was filmed at FINAL FEAR in Blasdell NY which is a Great Horror Attraction worth checking out if you want a GREAT SCARE. So how do you rite horror lyrics? What was it like opening for The FIRST JASON? And who do they want to open up for before Jason Voorhees kills them? Take a seat, and Grab your Machete as I talk to ¬†Kamp Crystal Lake.