Stones Of Madness

WHAT’S UP NATION! I’m back from Vacation and now it’s time to get back to work. I have two new interviews coming up with Gemini Syndrome & Butcher Babies, plus I plan on having my first concert review episode out before the end of the year but until then I want you all to check out the first music video from Stone Of Madness “Hostility” featuring Atheist front man Mr. Kelly Shaefer. I already loved the song but, what I love about the video is that they really tried to put some creativity into it. Newer bands don’t have the kind of money to make a big flashy video but, that doesn’t mean you still can’t make it look good. I love the use of black and white filters it gives it this underground look and with the kind of music they play it fits very well. I also love the visual affects as well with layering footage on top of another, it makes the video more interesting to watch. All and all I give both the song and the video 5 \m/ out of 5. I think we can expect great things from Stone Of Madness, Enjoy¬†Hostility.

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