Underrated Bands (FOZZY)

WHAT’S UP NATION?! This is The Concert Cruizer here and I want to talk
to you all about one of the most underrated bands ever. What was once
just a simple cover band has grown into what I hope is going to be the
next big thing. They are one of the most exciting and energetic bands
I have ever heard in recent years. With their sound being a perfect
blend of musical styles over the past 3 decades. The slicked up polish
sound of the 80’s, the muddy texture of the 90’s, and the hard core
crush of today all perfectly mixed together into a band known simply

Fozzy was the brain child of Stuck Mojo guitraist Richard Ward and
Singer and WWE Professional Wrestler Chris Jericho…..I’m totally
serious and here’s the best part, HE’S AMAZING! ┬áChris Jericho is an
amazing vocalist who has a great deal of authority in his voice that
grabs your attention but, don’t think he’s just all power and no class
he can easily sing soft melodies at the drop of a hat. His vocal
performance just caught me off guard I would have never expected him
to sound like that and keep in mind I watch pro-wrestling and saw his
debut in the WWE. He already had this rock star persona along with
great mic skills but I would have never have guessed that he can
actually sing like one.

Other members have come and gone but currently the line consist of
Frank Fontsere (Stuck Mojo, Agent Cooper, The Duke, Primer 55), Billy
Grey (Sick Speed & Dangerous New Machine), and Paul Di Leo (Nena &
Adrenalin Mob). Together they are a power house of metal that is meant
to be heard. So why haven’t they achieved the success they
deserve?…..I wish I knew. Their album “Chasing The Grail” didn’t
make it on the Billboard 200 but was reached number 6 on the
Heatseeker Charts but, I am hoping that with them now being signed to
Century Media one of the biggest Metal Labels ever. They will get the
promotion they deserve. Their first album to be released on Century
Media “Sin And Bones” has been doing much better then their previous
album (Chasing The Grail) and, has been doing good and has even has landed
various charts including the Billboard 200, Hard Rock Albums,
Heatseeker Albums , Independent Albums, & Rock Albums. I would highly
recommend them to any rock and/or metal fan and we can get some
variety not just in music but on the tour and festival circuit.

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