DROWNING POOL “Resilience”

WHATS UP NATION?! This is The Concert Cruizer and this week we’re gonna take a look at the new album from a band that has been through hell and back. A band who started off with such bright and promising career, met with tragedy, refuses to stop, and are now back with a new singer and an old sound. I am of course talking about

Drowning Pool “Resilience”

This new album features their latest singer Jason Moreno from “The Suicide Hook” and, his vocal skill brings back this metal angst that I haven’t heard from them since Drowning Pool’s first two albums Sinner & Desensitized. His biggest strength is that he can make a song sound tough as demonstrated in the song¬†One Finger and a Fist.¬†That being said not all the songs are good, their not horrible, they just didn’t do much for me. Like one song is Saturday Night, It just doesn’t fit the band.

There is something about the album that is somewhat generic, however it grabs you and you can’t help but give it another listen.The production is pretty stable, the guitar riffs & solos are great, the drums feels more present, and bass compliments everything very well. Over all this is a good album, In fact it’s one of the more better albums I have heard from them. Some would argue that it’s to radio friendly but, the songs are decent enough to the point where it feels in character for them. I don’t get the impression that someone stepped into the studio and told them this is how it’s suppose to sound and, I also get the impression that this was a sound and feel the band wanted to revisit & were under positive atmosphere when they were making it. So this record gets 3 1/2 horns out of 5 \m/ \m/ \m/ \n. Congratulations drowning Pool, I look forward to seeing you with this new guy Live.


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