WHATS UP NATION!? This is The Concert Cruizer with a review of one of the most promising bands to hit the music and shock-rock scene; a band whose music is subtle but provides a lot of character, a band known simply as


They are a Swedish band that has a sound and style that feels very similar like something you swear you heard before. In fact one of the Nameless Ghouls (More on that later) said, “I Often uses the analogy that we wanted Ghost to sound like that band you had missed out on but, have been here this whole time” and as it turns out, yeah, that’s exactly what they remind me of. They sound very reminiscent of the 70’s decade fashioned by Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult but, were formed back in 2008. They’re music is deep and sultry with an underlining hint of creepy church hymns and they have the look to back it up.

Papa Emeritus 2 and Nameless Ghouls

While Ghost BC is a band they are also a gimmick (Like how Brandon Small is Dethklok.) The singer is a character known as Papa Emeritus 2 (who is the successor to Papa Emeritus 1) and he is their mascot. The rest of the members are dressed in black cloaks and wear masks to cover their faces. They have know individual names but are known as the “Nameless Ghouls” and are each marked with a different insignia. The six members imitate the Roman Catholic Church but reversed it to worship Satan rather than the holy trinity. Their stage set up even looks like the interior of a church.

Ghost B.C. Stage Set Up

Ghost B.C. has a style and sound that’s uncommon in today’s metal. While some bands are trying to be more brutal then the next its refreshing to see and hear something that reminds us of when metal first became an influential movement with dark undertones and a rebellious attitude.  If you would like to hear some of the music videos then I would suggest checking out their music videos for Secular HazeMonstrance Clock, and Year Zero; or if you would like to know about the band’s gimmick and Papa Emeritus 2 then I would suggest checking out Ghost B.C. – The Olde One – Papaganda Ep. 1 by Noisey. It’s worth a watch and they are about to tour North America and you can check out the tour dates Here. Until next time I am The Concert Cruizer and i’ll see you Back stage.

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