Here it is Nation, the long awaited Interview & contest with NONPOINT. I gotta tell you this show was a lot of fun, they bring an upbeat and positive energy that you don’t see in many metal bands and to give you an example of what I mean. I saw something at this show that I have NEVER seen at any other concert with some of the more big named bands. The security guards got a Nonpoint chant going….YES I SAID THAT! This band is so amusing that the guards of the venue stood up along the barricade and got the crowd to chant the band’s name. Their first hit What A Day was such a hit it got them on OZZFEST back in 2001 where they made a music video for Endure . Since then they have done Shiprocked, OZZFEST 2010, Download, and even Rock On The Range. They are a band that is just fun to have around and deserves more credit then what they get. So kick back and enjoy my interview with Elias Soriano from nonpoint .

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