Themed Driven Music

WHAT’S UP NATION!? You know, music comes in all sorts of sounds, colors, textures, and genres. Most people are familiar with traditional styles like Rock, Pop, hip hop, country, etc. But there is one type of music that I feel doesn’t get enough credit, something that’s been here all the time but, most people don’t really know it’s there. A genera I like to call “Themed Driven Music”. So what does this music sound like? Well, almost anything, see this type of music focuses around a motif that inspires them & they range anywhere from TV, Movies, Books, & Video games. Which sure, a lot bands have written songs about but, not many of them focuses their entire act on one specific thing. Like my friend’s bandĀ FIRST JASON

First Jason

Their music is a well crafted mix of both rock and punk but, also features elements of psychedelic blues and funk with just a drummer, bassist, & a keyboardist but, the main focus of this band is a celebration of the character Jason Voorhees from the “Friday The 13th” film series as well as the art of horror. This is what the “Theme” is for this band and the kind of material they tend to write about. Now let’s take a look at another band, one whose theme not only comes from another culture but, from another country. A band know asĀ S.S. Hanami


The theme for this band is “Anime” and, they do use some traditional elements but, they also use a lot of Japanese Musical elements as well. Like playing a “Koto” to bring more of a haunting atmosphere, a keyboard synthesizer for added effects, and a touch of J-Pop. The style of this band is meant to reflect upon deeply moving scenes in anime as well as using the artistry of “Visual Kei”.

You can find themed driven music in just about everything, so if your a fan of certain films, games, or TV shows then try scoping music like this out. You may have to Google it but, if you want something that feels different and celebrates something you enjoy,then it’s worth the time. Be sure to check S.S. Hanami performance at the Grand Brony Gala in Tampa FL Aug. 15-17 as well as First Jason’s appearance on my show “Interviews From The Pit”. Until next time i’m the Concert Cruizer and, i’ll see you BACKSTAGE!!!

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