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DISCLAIMER: Only the festivals Organizers or the bands can confirm this information. This is pure speculation based on rumors.

WHATS UP NATION!? So I have been doing some research trying to see what’s going on with the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar 2014 tour. I have been looking at various music news sites or just seeing if any bands have hinted about doing a late summer tour. I didn’t have much luck until I found something on Wolverine Kills. A restaurant in Peru IL posted photos of this year’s line up.

Uproar 2014 RUMORS

So it looks like the line up consists of Godsmack, Volbeat, Seether, Skillet, Pop Evil, Buckcherry, Hellyeah, Adelitas Way, Escape The Fate. I think the restaurant may be sponsoring the tour the day it comes to that area so that might explain how got this information but the tour date’s haven’t been announced yet (Although that would be an AWESOME line up.) According to the person from Wolverine Kills he says these bands don’t seem to have any tour plans and some are currently making new albums so Uproar would be the perfect opportunity to promote their new releases but, for right now take it with a grain of salt. Hopefully we will hear something soon and I will be sure to keep you all posted.


WHAT’S UP NATION!? I have some amazing news. The folks from the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival will be releasing a Limited Edition Photo Album called “MAYHEM: 2008-2013”.

Mayhem Book


This book features over 300 pages of both live and behind scenes photos from it’s first year in 2008 to 2013. This book features forewords by the festival’s co-creators Kevin Lyman & John Reese, Rockstar Energy Drink’s Jason May, and Mayhem Veteran COREY TAYLOR of SLIPKNOT! It will make a great addition to any attendees collection or to anyone who just loves heavy metal, and you can bet that I will be getting a copy. Be sure to check your local book store for copies and get it before they are GONE!!!


WHAT’S UP NATION!? Legendary ATHEIST front man KELLY SHAEFER is back with a whole new band called “Stones Of Madness” and, they have just released their self titled debut EP.

Debut EP

Debut EP

Now this band features a line up of musicians with incredible skills, it features former Dry Kill Logic guitarist Scott Thompson, as well as former Neurotica members Shawn Bowen (guitars) and GJ Gosman (drums) and from SuperBot the unmatched Julia Simms (Bass). This hard hitting metal band brings back that muddy texture with a well executed hard rock approach to that dirty sound. Even their first music video HOSTILITY has an underground rusty look to it and, it’s all topped off with a BAD ASS album cover by  Eliran Kantor who has done work for Atheist, Testament, and Hatebreed. You can purchase it on iTunes or your can order from their website and get an Exclusive Edition guitar pick. This EP gets a perfect score 5 horns out of 5 \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ I think we can expect great things from STONES OF MADNESS!!!


WHAT’S UP NATION!? One of the biggest Shock Rock performers ROB ZOMBIE is going to be releasing his FIRST EVER concert home video. A creation he is calling…..

The Zombie Horror Picture Show

This in concert performance will be released on both DVD and Blue Ray May 20 as well as a photo book to serve as a companion piece. The Zombie Horror Picture Show set list includes

01. Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
02. Superbeast
03. Super-Charger Heaven (originally by WHITE ZOMBIE)
04. Living Dead Girl
05. We’re An American Band (GRAND FUNK RAILROAD cover)
06. More Human Than Human (originally by WHITE ZOMBIE)
07. Sick Bubblegum
08. Never Gonna Stop
09. Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga
10. Meet The Creeper
11. Mars Needs Women
12. House Of 1000 Corpses
13. The Lords Of Salem
14. Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown
15. Thunder Kiss ’65 (originally by WHITE ZOMBIE)
16. Dragula

Now I am very excited about this, I have seen Rob Zombie numerous times and his shows are a wonderful display of old school horror with some new effects, along with some amazing props and pieces. Like the Robot from the 30’s horror serial “The Phantom Creeps”, an array of pyrotechnics, and even custom made instruments to help fit the vibe of the show. So mark your calendars and get ready to bring home THE ZOMBIE HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

Doing Something Different This Summer

WHAT’S UP NATION!? Summer is right around the corner which means the tour industry will be in full swing and although I will still be covering shows I will be doing something different this summer. I will be covering a convention, YES a convention! Which one? The Grand Brony Gala.

Grand Brony Gala


This con is for the Children’s Miracle Network and although It may be a bit out of character for me, they will be throwing two concerts that I will be covering by S.S. Hanami and Michelle Creber. I am really looking forward to this, I have never got to do this for a convention and will be a new experience for me. The event is from August 15-17 in Tampa FL and features Cathy Weseluck and Michelle Creber from the TV show as well as tons of activities and other guests. Be sure to go to for more details and I hope to see you at the gala.

Warped Tour 2014

WHAT’S UP NATION!? You know Warped Tour has this stereo type of being a punk rock fair but, in reality nothing can be further from the truth. Warped Tour is a full on MUSIC Festival with bands from across the music spectrum just look at some of these bands. We got Breathe CaroinaA Skylit DriveBowling For SoupNit GritMod SunWe The KingsLess Than Jake and so many more. If you wanna see the full line up and, which bands will be in your city just click here. Furthermore Warped Tour has so many things to do while your there. They got vendors, skaters, sponsors, painters, free swag, and even the Ernie Ball Music Man van will be there for you to test out the latest in their line of guitars (Both electric and bass). Warped Tour embraces music and tries to get a mix of everything artists have to offer so embrace them and their concert vibe because it’s a fun tim that every concert cruizer should experience.

Warped Tour