Doing Something Different This Summer

WHAT’S UP NATION!? Summer is right around the corner which means the tour industry will be in full swing and although I will still be covering shows I will be doing something different this summer. I will be covering a convention, YES a convention! Which one? The Grand Brony Gala.

Grand Brony Gala


This con is for the Children’s Miracle Network and although It may be a bit out of character for me, they will be throwing two concerts that I will be covering by S.S. Hanami and Michelle Creber. I am really looking forward to this, I have never got to do this for a convention and will be a new experience for me. The event is from August 15-17 in Tampa FL and features Cathy Weseluck and Michelle Creber from the TV show as well as tons of activities and other guests. Be sure to go to for more details and I hope to see you at the gala.

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