WHAT’S UP NATION!? Legendary ATHEIST front man KELLY SHAEFER is back with a whole new band called “Stones Of Madness” and, they have just released their self titled debut EP.

Debut EP

Debut EP

Now this band features a line up of musicians with incredible skills, it features former Dry Kill Logic guitarist Scott Thompson, as well as former Neurotica members Shawn Bowen (guitars) and GJ Gosman (drums) and from SuperBot the unmatched Julia Simms (Bass). This hard hitting metal band brings back that muddy texture with a well executed hard rock approach to that dirty sound. Even their first music video HOSTILITY has an underground rusty look to it and, it’s all topped off with a BAD ASS album cover by  Eliran Kantor who has done work for Atheist, Testament, and Hatebreed. You can purchase it on iTunes or your can order from their website and get an Exclusive Edition guitar pick. This EP gets a perfect score 5 horns out of 5 \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ I think we can expect great things from STONES OF MADNESS!!!

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