WHAT’S UP NATION!? Fellow music fans a band needs our help, a band called ACRASSICAUDA. They are the worlds first (And probably only) Iraqi metal band. They were born and raised in Baghdad and they first got noticed here in North America from a documentary that was made about them called “Heavy Metal In Baghdad”.

Heavy Metal In Baghdad movie poster

This movie explored the mayhem they had to go through being a metal band under Saddam’s regime. They eventually made it to the states and managed to release a small EP called “Only The Dead See The End Of War”.

Acrassicauda’s Debut EP Only The Dead See The End Of War

Both the documentary and the EP are incredible but now they are ready to make their first FULL LENGTH ALBUM. They are turning to Kickstarter to raise funds and in return have a ton of rewards to choose from. You can check out their Kickstarter page HERE. Please show your support and lets help them achieve their dream. ROCK ON \m/


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