WHATS UP NATION!? The guys of Motly Crue has certainly been through a lot together. They have written some amazing songs, made a big mark in music, survived harsh times, left an incredible legacy, and sadly it’s time to bring all to an end. Motley Crue presents “THE FINAL TOUR”.

Motley Crue The Final Tour

Yes nation, One of the biggest bands in the Glam Metal scene is officially retiring. They are going on tour one last time (with special guest Alice Cooper) and saying goodbye. The tour kicks off July 2 in Grand Rapids MI and ends November 21 in Vancouver Canada (at least here in North America). I was lucky enough to see Motley Crue at OZZFEST 2010 in Pittsburgh PA and loved it. It was also the first time they were on tour with OZZY in almost 20 years. It was an amazing show and, they didn’t even have top billing. Think what this tour will be like with them as the headliner. This could very well be your last chance to see them. Tickets are available at¬†and VIP meet and greet packages are for sale. So get your tickets now and get ready to KICKSTART YOUR HEART one last time.

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