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WHAT’S UP NATION!? Death Pop band ORGY IS BACK!!! That’s right the band that brought us Blue Monday, Stitches, Opticon, and Fiction (Dreams In Digital) has returned. They will be releasing a new EP soon but, in the mean time they have released their first single Wide Awake and Dead. Now you will notice a different line up (Jay Gordon, Carlton Bost, Creighton Emrick, Nic Speck, & Bobby Amaro) and I wasn’t sure how this new line up was going to sound but, within the first few seconds of the song my fears were put to rest. They got the sound, tone, texture, and feel of the original sound and even managed to up the ante by making it sound more powerful than their previous efforts while still maintaining the Industrial style, which is so refreshing to hear. I feel like Industrial Metal has faded away here in America and, I hope Orgy i here to bring back. This song is CRUIZER APPROVED \m/. Be sure to go their official website at for more details. STAY LOUD NATION!!!


WHAT’S UP NATION!? I have been waiting a long time for this. A band who started in rock, went in another direction, and now is back to their hard rock roots. Members of The Concert Cruizer Nation I am thrilled to bring you my review on LINKIN PARK’S THE HUNTING PARTY!!!!!

The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party

Linkin Park has stated many times that they wanted this to be a straight up rock record and within the first second your met with a digitized version of Chester Bennington’s iconic scream that just grabs your attention. Then your met with real drums, a rocking bass, aggressive guitars, and an exquisite texture of a synthesizer and digital effects. It was very welcoming to hear this rock sound again and a lot of the album sounds like this. At times it does soften up a bit but it’s not like LP hasn’t done that in their rock albums before. I was also surprised with they’re guitar solos. The previous efforts in this always felt more like interludes to me. They have the potential to go somewhere using different notes but they ultimately stay put but, these feel like actual solos. They sound exciting and aren’t repetitive. Mike Shinoda also shows his fine rapping skills on this record and it’s very graceful. I always thought his rapping skills were angelic like he doesn’t need to be in your face to get his point across. He can make his rhymes sound powerful without having to sound obnoxious.

There’s also a few guests on this record including Rakim, Page Hamilton, Daron Malakian, and the legendary Tom Morello. This is the first time Linkin Park has ever something like this that wasn’t a remix album and it sounds extraordinary. You can certainly feel the guests vibe but it doesn’t take anything away from the band. Overall this is superb album that myself and other hard core old school Linkin Park fans have been waiting for. It takes elements from those first albums and manages to make something that feels familiar but manages to keep it different. Is it perfect? No but, it’s pretty close. So close that I give 4 1/2 \m/\m/\m/\n horns out of 5. Congrats LP it’s great to hear from you guys again. Be sure to catch them on the Carnivores Tour with 30 Seconds To Mars and AFI this summer and until then STAY LOUD!!!



RockStar Uproar Tour 2014

This looks AMAZING!!! We got Godsmack getting ready to release a new album and now they’re gonna be headlining this year’s Uproar Tour and sharing the stage we have all the way from Australia we have Seether. As well as Skillet, Buckcherry, and a slew of other great bands. Be sure to check out the TOUR DATES and see if their coming to a city near you as well as ticket info. Join Me Nation and lets start an UPROAR \m/


WHAT’S UP NATION!? Sorry for the been gone for a bit. Been tending to the convention I will be working this summer The Grand Brony Gala but I finally got some time to write out a new review for you guys. This time we are gonna be looking at “FIRST JASON: HEED MY WARNING”.

First Jason: Heed My Warning

Appropriately titled most of the album gives off that eerie vibe you get from horror films using a creepy rock sound using just a drummer and a machete keytar. Songs like Children Of The Night & Heed My Warning, feels like those scenes where the victim is being chased by the villain of the film. While the song “Victim” feels like the violent slaughter he faces and manages to pull it off without sounding so brutal and keeps it creepy. Now for those of you who haven’t realized yet, the front man is Ari Lehman who was the first person to play the horror icon Jason Voorhees so he’s gotta have at least one song about the infamous killer and on this album it’s called “Jason’s Bride” which has more of a rockabilly punk sound with a blue grass solo and is meant to be just a funny little song. Over all i’d say this is a good album, it’s nice to hear a different take on rock that isn’t trying to be harder than the next and, utilizes different textures and dedicates itself to the art of horror. I give it 4 \m/\m/\m/\m/ out of 5. Be sure to go to to see when they are coming to your area. Until next time Nation, this is The concert Cruizer signing off.



HERE IT IS NATION!!! My William Control interview and contest. This guy was great to me and my camera guy Matt Hickman. We actually filmed this twice, the first time the lighting was too dark but he was gracious enough to do it a second time. This man puts on a killer show with a fantastic lighting display that fits the tone of music and he’s quite passionate about literature too. He also autographed a poster for me to give away as a contest prize so if you want to enter watch the video HERE to find out. So pull up a chair, grab a beer, and check out my interview with WILLIAM CONTROL!!!