WHAT’S UP NATION!? Sorry for the been gone for a bit. Been tending to the convention I will be working this summer The Grand Brony Gala but I finally got some time to write out a new review for you guys. This time we are gonna be looking at “FIRST JASON: HEED MY WARNING”.

First Jason: Heed My Warning

Appropriately titled most of the album gives off that eerie vibe you get from horror films using a creepy rock sound using just a drummer and a machete keytar. Songs like Children Of The Night & Heed My Warning, feels like those scenes where the victim is being chased by the villain of the film. While the song “Victim” feels like the violent slaughter he faces and manages to pull it off without sounding so brutal and keeps it creepy. Now for those of you who haven’t realized yet, the front man is Ari Lehman who was the first person to play the horror icon Jason Voorhees so he’s gotta have at least one song about the infamous killer and on this album it’s called “Jason’s Bride” which has more of a rockabilly punk sound with a blue grass solo and is meant to be just a funny little song. Over all i’d say this is a good album, it’s nice to hear a different take on rock that isn’t trying to be harder than the next and, utilizes different textures and dedicates itself to the art of horror. I give it 4 \m/\m/\m/\m/ out of 5. Be sure to go to to see when they are coming to your area. Until next time Nation, this is The concert Cruizer signing off.


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