WHATS UP NATION!? Well he’s finally back. After a six year absents Richard Kruspe is back with his band EMIGRATE with his sophomore release. I have been waiting a long time for this album so lets not waste any more of it. Let’s take a look at EMIGRATE-SILENT SO LONG

Emigrate-Silent So Long

Everything from this album is a giant step forward from Emigrate’s self titled debut. It’s WAY more heavier and there is more of that industrial metal texture that wasn’t really present on their first album and Richard does it without sounding like his other band Rammstein. The writing has vastly improved too, while the first record was still a pretty solid album it felt like they were still trying to find they’re footing and testing the waters. This one however sounds way more ambitious and your face with a blast of energetic metal music. It’s almost like he’s here to make Emigrates present’s felt and it shows. One of the many things that impressed me on this album were all the guest appearances which include Lemmy Kilmister, Jonathan Davis, Marilyn Manson, Peaches, Frank Delle’, & Margaux Bossieux. All enhance the songs by adding depth and don’t come off like cheap cameos.

The lyrics are just fantastic. I get the impression that he was reaching deep down into soul trying to find the right words to express his emotions without laying it on to thick or just randomly stringing words together. The guitar solos are incredible, they actually mix very well into the songs and don’t feel like it’s just been layered on top of a riff. Over all there is really nothing negative I have to say about this album so it gets a perfect score, 5 \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ OUT OF 5. I hope EMIGRATE goes on tour because this album is just exciting and I want to experience it live and hopefully I can interview them. Until next time Nation, STAY LOUD!!!!


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