WHAT’S UP NATION!? Well it’s FINALLY here, my review on the new album from SLIPKNOT! It’s been six long years since their last feature length album “All Hope Is Gone” and they’re luck hasn’t been going so well. With the termination of long time drummer Joey Jordison and the death of they’re bassist Paul Gray it’s no wonder why it took so long. So lets not waste anymore time, let’s take a look at “.5: The Gray Chapter”

Slipknot-5: The Grey Chapter

The title is an obvious reference to they’re late bassist Paul Gray and some of the songs (If not most) seem to be dedicated to him which is highly understandable, he was one of the founding members after all. Reading through the lyric sheet it’s quite clear just how hurt they were by the death of they’re late bassist. They give you a sense that Paul Grey really was the rock on the band and helped keep them together but. as much as they loved him. Some of the songs give me the impression that they have some resentment towards him for his death (Which was a caused by an overdose & had signs of heart failure). Paul did write most of the riffs for them and i’m sure they all had this thought of “What do we do now”? Going through they’re heads at some point. It was really great to see and hear them take all those thoughts, moments, plus feelings and put all of that into this album.

I really like how the album puts you in suspense with the opening track (XIX) which gives off this haunting vibe & makes you wonder what your in for and then…….let’s just say, welcome back guys.  According to singer Corey Taylor they wanted this record to be a mix of Iowa and Subliminal Verses and I would say they did just that. There are times when the songs have a sense of a solid writing structure. Where it’s easy to follow and understand what’s going on (just like subliminal Verses). Then with a pin drop it turns into utter chaos with all nine of them plying as hard and heavy as possible (Just like in Iowa). It’s really to see that even though they are without their original & bassist they have not lost they’re touch.

According to an interview with guitarist Jim Root he said that they put they’re new drummer (Who is believed to be Jay Weinberg son of Max Weinberg the drummer for Bruce Springsteen) through the wringer and it shows. He is an incredible replacement being able to replicate the playing and writing style of Joey Jordison. The same thing can be said about they’re new bassist (Who is believed to be Alessandro Venturella). He really seems to have  grasp on the style of Slipknot and ill be looking forward to seeing them live again. I am happy to say this album gets a 4 \m/\m/\m/\m/ out of 5. Congrats Slipknot. I hope I can interview you sometime. and Paul we all still miss you. Say hi to Wayne Static for us. Until next time nation STAY LOUD!!!!!

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