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I have gotten some fan mail recently and first off I just wanted to say thanks. It means a lot to me. Second a couple of them wanted me to take a look at some of their bands. While I wold love to make a video about some of them my editor is currently sick but I can still give my thoughts in a simple post. So let’s take a look at HIGHLY SUSPECT. This band is great combination of Rock, Progressive, Blue, and has a touch of house music. From the tracks they had available they’re style of progressive never comes off as over whelming. The song lost has a very nice rockabilly sound and its very easy to move to. While Lydia takes a more in our face approach. It’s hard but as I said before. Not over whelming. I really like the flow of the vocals on this song. The musc has a nice tempo but the vocalist is going faster and some how they make it work. I wish the had more tracks to preview because I would like to talk about them some more but, they’re album MISTER ASYLUM (That features those songs) will be out July 14th and is available for Pre-Order on itunes. Plus when you pre-order it you will get those to songs for digital download. You can bet that i’ll be looking forward to this release. Until next time nation STA LOUD!!!



Coming to Fort Myers Florida, April 25. Is the biggest, loudest, most heavy hitting festival this side of OZZFEST JAPAN. I am of course talking about FORT ROCK 2015!!!!

Fort Rock 2015

Just look at that line up. We got some of the biggest names in Heavy Metal like Slipknot, Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach. Along with some of the fastest rising stars in the genera like Butcher Babies, Motionless in White, and Young Guns. With the exception of Butcher Babies I haven’t seen any of these bands recently and with all the kick ass albums they have all released I can’t wait to experience them live. For ticket info go to FORTROCKFESTIVAL.COM & be sure to check out my interview with BUTCHERBABIES. I hope to see you all out there. Until next time nation STAY LOUD!!!!


WHAT’S UP NATION!? One of my Colleagues and member of the Cruizer Crew Eddie Depool from Blue Tape Studios showed me this campaign on Pledge Music of these 2 bands REFORM THE RESISTANCE + JUSTIFIDE. You might remember Justified from back in the day and if so here’s your chance to get to experience them again with the release of VAULTED music. If you loved them, you will most certainly love the new group REFORM THE RESISTANCE. RTR has an awesome sound that you will instantly love. Both bands have launched this PLEDGEMUSIC FUNDRAISERto give you some seriously awesome music from not only the Justifide Vault but also the new record ‘DOS’ from Reform The Resistance.