I have gotten some fan mail recently and first off I just wanted to say thanks. It means a lot to me. Second a couple of them wanted me to take a look at some of their bands. While I wold love to make a video about some of them my editor is currently sick but I can still give my thoughts in a simple post. So let’s take a look at HIGHLY SUSPECT. This band is great combination of Rock, Progressive, Blue, and has a touch of house music. From the tracks they had available they’re style of progressive never comes off as over whelming. The song lost has a very nice rockabilly sound and its very easy to move to. While Lydia takes a more in our face approach. It’s hard but as I said before. Not over whelming. I really like the flow of the vocals on this song. The musc has a nice tempo but the vocalist is going faster and some how they make it work. I wish the had more tracks to preview because I would like to talk about them some more but, they’re album MISTER ASYLUM (That features those songs) will be out July 14th and is available for Pre-Order on itunes. Plus when you pre-order it you will get those to songs for digital download. You can bet that i’ll be looking forward to this release. Until next time nation STA LOUD!!!

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