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I just got to here the new album from ARANDA called NOT THE SAME and this album just blew me away. These guys are influenced by Rock, Funk, plus soul and it shows. They have a great bounce, with a nice flow, and killer tempos. I have always been a big fan of rhythm and these guys deliver on all fronts. They’re music doesn’t come off as over produced either. Like everything you will hear on this record you will hear live. The record also comes off as very raw. Not a lot of effect or digital sounds. Just them and a distortion pedal. I would highly recommend checking this album out and hopefully they will grant me an interview. ROCK ON \m/

Aranda: Not The Same



I checked out this album called “Ones and Zeros” by a band called Young Guns. I have heard of this band but never got the chance to check them out. I recently did and it was great. I love this indie yet digital sound they have. It packs a punch but it’s know where near as hard as heavy metal. It still manages to pump you up and get you excited and adds a touch of pop. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who wants a great rock jam. I hope they come to South FL because not only is the album good but now I have to experience this live

Young Guns: Ones and Zeros