I recently picked up the debut album from LINDEMANN Skills In Pills. Featuring Till Lindemann of Rammstein and multi-instrumentalist and Peter Tagtgren. Let’s take a look at this new album.


Let’s get one thing straight, this is no RAMMSTEIN 2.0 the writing while still industrial is completely different and so is the song structure. Rammstein songs usually consists of one or two riffs but Lindemann is much bigger. Till also sings in english. He speaks it quite well but still has his German accent which I actually like. It adds to the erie vibe of the music. The only thing that feels off to me is that almost all the songs are about some kind of sexual thing and after a while it just comes off a little awkward. Granted Till is a shock rock artist so maybe that was the point but if the sex songs were spaced out it would easier to deal with. All and all the album is still worth getting and I give it a 7 out of 10. Congrats Lindemann.

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