Monthly Archives: February 2016

Where Have You Been?

Greetings Nation,

I know its been a while so I figured I should give you an update. Some of you know I work for a hospital and now I am transferring to a new one. Its a lot closer to home so I want be driving miles and miles to get to work so ill be saving a ton on gas. Second we had an emergency in the family which is taking up a lot of time. Third I am still working with the Grand Brony Gala and trying to increase my clout behind the scenes on the convention circuit and finally I want to take my concert review show in a new direction. I was watching my older episodes and although I am very proud of them. I come off more like news caster. I need to bring more energy and a personality to my on screen persona. I still plan on doing my review of the GWAR show and now the band Europe. I also need to raise some more funds to pay my editor. I start a Patreon with lots of perks for supporting my show. Once all this has settled down I can get back to work on Concert Cruizer. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for further updates. So keep rocking nation and ill see you soon. \m/\m/