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Recently I was contact by one of my life long friend’s and my guitar teacher Eddie Depool of Blue Tape Studios and he showed me a song he just worked with a new band from Nashville called TAKE CAPTIVE. They were a post hardcore band but this particle song (Invincible) was more pop rock sounding and…….its a good song. Nothing about it comes off like some pre manufactured four chord pop song. It felt like it was created by actual artists who took their time to make the music right. Not to mention the combination of synths and legit instruments. Pop rock can indeed work and I have to say that this song is a prime example. Needless to say i’m looking forward to their debut EP “Damaged” coming out this summer but if you want to here Invincible for yourself just click right HERE and give it a listen. Be sure to let the band know what you think and if you have any songs you would like to check out just leave me a comment below and let me know. ROCK ON!



Now that things have settled down for me it’s time to get back to work. A lot has happened since I have been gone. We sadly lost Prince, Brian Johnson of AC/DC has been let go and replaced by Axel Rose and to top it all of Guns & Roses are finally having a (semi) reunion. I don’t believe every original member is involved but it’s something. The one thing I heard that I couldn’t believe was that MTV is bringing back Music related programming. From what I have gathered it seems they are bringing back their popular acoustic series UNPLUGGED as well as a new Hip Hop competition from the producer of THE VOICE (Mark Burnett). In total they plan on launching 14 music related shows. Being a product of the 90s. I was there for a lot of this stuff. I can still recall the TRL wars, a Say What Karaoke contestant performing ChumbaWumab’s Tubthumping wearing nothing but a garbage bag, as well as some of my favorite bands doing Making a Video. I hope they bring back a lot of this because they were just so much fun to watch. I would like to see them bring back Headbanger’s Ball but I want an actual host. Not just have 20 music videos lined up in a row to play. Doing that feels cheap and doesn’t give the show any character. I have no idea if they plan on having any rock or metal related show but it’s a start.