Now that things have settled down for me it’s time to get back to work. A lot has happened since I have been gone. We sadly lost Prince, Brian Johnson of AC/DC has been let go and replaced by Axel Rose and to top it all of Guns & Roses are finally having a (semi) reunion. I don’t believe every original member is involved but it’s something. The one thing I heard that I couldn’t believe was that MTV is bringing back Music related programming. From what I have gathered it seems they are bringing back their popular acoustic series UNPLUGGED as well as a new Hip Hop competition from the producer of THE VOICE (Mark Burnett). In total they plan on launching 14 music related shows. Being a product of the 90s. I was there for a lot of this stuff. I can still recall the TRL wars, a Say What Karaoke contestant performing ChumbaWumab’s Tubthumping wearing nothing but a garbage bag, as well as some of my favorite bands doing Making a Video. I hope they bring back a lot of this because they were just so much fun to watch. I would like to see them bring back Headbanger’s Ball but I want an actual host. Not just have 20 music videos lined up in a row to play. Doing that feels cheap and doesn’t give the show any character. I have no idea if they plan on having any rock or metal related show but it’s a start.


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