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Former SLIPKNOT drummer JOEY JORDISON is back with a new band called VIMIC and they’re song SIMPLE SKELETONS has been blowing up all over Liquid Metal on Sirius XM  Satellite Radio. So what do I think about it?…..I like it! This particular song has Joey’s drumming style all over it. The guitars are driven by grooves and the singer ACTUALLY SINGS! The band features Chase Musmecci on vocals long with some of his former bandmates from Scar The Martyr. Jed Simon & Kriss Norris on Guitar, Kyle Konkiel on Bass, and Mathew Tarach on keyboard. According to Joey he wanted to do something different so he wiped the slate clean and started over. He also said there will be a tour in support of this new release. So click the link up above and tell me what you think of this new song.