OK so I am a HUGE RAMMSTEIN fan (In fact one of my goals in life is to meet them) and they have not released a new album since 2009 Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da but recently they played the PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands where they premiered a new song called RAMM 4. So what are my thoughts on this new song? Music wise it sounds reminiscent of guitarist Richard Z Kruse’s side band Emigrate and their song Silent So Long but it doesn’t feel like a total rip off. If anything it feels like they expanded on the riff.

Now lets talk lyrics. While the song is in German you can find another video with translated lyrics HERE and if these lyrics are accurate then I believe this song is meant to represent they’re return. Not only do they drop their own band name but they reference some of the songs they’ve written over the years and even the machinery set up they use for their stage. The only thing I didn’t like about the lyrics was the use of nah nah nah’s because as we all know (Take it Away StrongBad). Yeah those aren’t legit lyrics. That’s what you put down as a filler until you come up with something real. That being said this song is not officially recorded yet so let’s wait and see what happens (and hopefully someone can explain what the number 4 is suppose to mean).

All and all i’d say this song doesn’t get me excited to hear new material from the Gods of Industrial Metal. Be sure to go to Rammstein.com for more details. But now I want to hear from all of you. What did you guys think of this song? Comment below and let me know and until next time nation. STAY LOUD!

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