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Sorry for long absence but I sustained an injury and have been on a slow recovery but i’m back with my review on the new KORN: ROTTING IN VAIN single and its…….not their best work, and this kills me because I have been a fan of theirs ever since I first heard the words GOT THE LIFE but this feels a little generic. It’s not horrible by any means it’s just not that good. Its start erie and creepy kind of like a  FALLING AWAY FROM ME vibe. Then it hits you with that familiar Korn sound which feels fine but then Jonathan starts to sing. Then tone just feels off because he is singing with some anger in his voice but  the guitar goes back to that creepy sound from the intro and it just doesn’t fit. Granted it doesn’t last very long but this rusty tone over that riff just doesn’t really work well.

When the chorus kicks in it does fit better but I don’t feel connected like I should…until Jonathan screams. It grabs your attention and you welcome it with open arms but then it goes back to the verse and it loses you again. Chorus kicks in and once again it has you and Jonathan brings out an old trick where he makes those nonsensical noises like her did on TWIST and FREAK ON A LEASH which is a welcomed return but the song is almost over and it didn’t impact me as it should. Ultimately its a 3 out of 5 for me but I still have high hopes. They boys of KORN promised us a heavier album, with less of the digital effects and its being released on the Metal Mega Label ROADRUNNER RECORDS. So until next time nation STAY LOUD!