The line up for next year’s Fort Rock Festival in For Myers has been announced and in case you missed it here it is.

This line up looks fantastic. First up we have our headliners. We got Pop Metal Icons DEF LEPPARD, Grunge Pioneers SOUNDGARDEN, Rock SuperGroup A PERFECT CIRLCE, and American Punk Rock Legends THE OFFSPRING. I have yet to see any of those bands live so I’m already ecstatic but now we have mid day bands like PAPA ROACHCHEVELLESEETHERMASTODONIN FLAMESALL THAT REMAINS and many other bands I haven’t seen in ages. And then we have our hot up in comping bands like  STARSETI PREVAIL  ,BEAR TOOTHCOVER YOUR TRACKS and even more bands to be announced. We gotta give this bands our attention, they are the future of music after all. This will be my first time attending one of these weekend music festivals. So this going to be a whole new experience for me and I cant wait to tell you all about it. Get your tickets and VIP packages now at Until next time Nation, STAY LOUD.

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