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It’s been a long time but that’s because I have been working my dear friend Bill Manspeaker of the comedy punk rock band GREEN JELLO to help develop his own internet channel where I will be doing a new daily show called WTF MUSICK NEWS.

WTF Musick News


This is a musical satire show that picks up where MTV left off and my character (Justan Fanboi) talks about some of the news in the music industry that just makes you go WTF!? As well as taking jabs at internet trolls but still talk about some good news within the music world. It airs live every day a 9 PM East Coast Time and you can watch it on theĀ Green Jello Facebook Page. Great things are on the rise and I want to take you all with me. Be sure to give the page a like and be sure to tune in every night. Until next time Nation STAY LOUD! \m/ \m/