The week has finally come to an end and the first week-in-review of my new series WTF MUSICK NEWS for the comedy punk rock band GREEN JELLO is on youtube right now. Complete with edits, music, bumpers, and animation sequences. So sit back and enjoy WTF MUSICK NEWS WEEK-IN-REVIEW and in un related news. My dear friend Creature Suit Actor, Martial Artist and DARTH VADER from Star War Rouge One SPENCER WILDING will be at Orlando MegaCon

Darth Vader (Left) Spencer Wilding (Right)

Spencer will be at Orlando Megacon May 25-28 signing autographs and taking pictures with fans along other fellow Star Wars actor Ray Park who portrayed DARTH MAUL in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Also scheduled to appear are other Mega Stars like Stan Lee, Tim Curry, Iron Mike Tyson, Norman Reedus, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Meat Loaf and tons of others. Check the links above and get your tickets now and get ready for the ultimate nerd weekend. Thats it for nation and until next time STAY LOUD!

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