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Cruizer here and I recently got the game MineCraft (yeah I know i’m late to the party) but the soundtrack was just incredible. It’s soothing, mysterious, adventurous, and retro without it sounding huge or new agey. (You can listen to it HERE) and I got to thinking of some of the great video game soundtracks. So in no particular order here are 3 of my favorites.


First up we got “SpiderMan: Maximum Carnage




The music to this game is really up beat and energizing which is very fitting considering it’s a side scrolling beat’em up. It was also made by the worst band in the world….GREEN JELLŸ and they didn’t do just one song. They did the entire thing. Even did a cover of the Mob Rules by BLACK SABBATH.  They were also the first band to soundtrack a video game and this particular game is one of LJN’s few decent games which I find absolutely hysterical. The Worst Band in the world, teams up with the Worst Video Game Publisher in the world and BRINGS US A GAME THATS meh.



While the game itself is fun it is rather difficult but that’s ok because you get some amazingly creepy chip tunes in this classic game. You get a wide range of erie music. From stuff that just feels uneasy to down right evil as you kill of not only zombies but all kinds of monsters. I just found this interview with the game’s composer Joe McDermott and it’s worth a read.

Next we have Sonic Thed Hedgehog. Which one? Take your pick!


While the franchise has had it’s ups and downs you can not deny how good the music was in virtually every game. Heck even the bad games has some killer tunes and even had some pretty sweet guests artist such as Crush 40, Cash Cash, Jaret Reddick, and even the king of pop himself MICHAEL JACKSON! I am not making this up. He composed the music for Sonic 3 but didn’t like the sound chip so he wanted his name then off (no wonder why it sounds so good). What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below and get ready because FORT ROCK is coming at the end of next month.




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