Former Voice Actor Resurfaces as Electronica Artist

Greetings Nation,

I have some very interesting news. Former Voice Actor Tony Sampson (who played EDDY from ED, EDD, n EDDY).


Tony Sampson (Right)


Has resurfaced as an Electronica Artist and has released his debut album BLASM. I had the opportunity to listen to it and as someone who is new to Electronica music, I was given tips on how to intemperate it and I can honestly say his album will take you through a range of emotions. From laughter to mysterious to psychedelics. It is an album that is worth your time. You can get it on iTunesAmazon, or check him out on Spotify (Play list below).



Tony is returning to Acting altogether and Music ASAP. So if you look to book him for a gig be it a Con or a Concert you can reach him at
And seeing how ED EDD n EDDY was the Longest Running Series on Cartoon Network…..I think it’s time for a Reunion at a convention (wink wink).

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