Favorite Albums of 2018


2018 has come to a close and I want to share some of my favorite albums that I got last year. Now not all of these came out in 2018 nor have I heard every rock/metal album that came. This is just the ones that I personally have heard or purchased. Plus this won’t be in any particular order. With all of that said, Let’s Get STARTED.



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I’m someone who grew up during the Nu Metal era. I loved it and I miss it. Nu Metal wasn’t always gloomy, it had an element of fun and it showed just how much Rap and Rock/Metal can work together. When I saw Hollywood Undead at Fort Rock 2018. I was blown away. It showed me that this genre isn’t gone. But, what I found so interesting about this album was the range of topics. Be it showing the good and bad side of Los Angeles. The fascination of the occult. The Nocturnal aspects of their lives. They even have this VERY sweet Ballad that reminds me of Michael Jackson. Plus a KILLER rap track featuring B-Real from Cypress Hill. Give this album a listen too.


GODSMACK: When Legends Rise

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When I first heard this was going to be more of a commercial album. I was honestly intrigued. People have been complaining for years that all (if not most) Godsmack albums sound the same. So this was a chance to explore some new territory that they haven’t done since their acoustic EP and I personally think it sounds great. Sure it sounds a bit more polished, the lyrics are more metaphorical, and the songs are shorter but, it still sounds like it came from Godsmack. There was still hard hitting music, catchy riffs, and solid performances. I honestly don’t know what people are complaining about.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: A Decade of Destruction

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As someone who is just a casual fan of this band. This was what I needed. I have seen them many times on the festival circuit (dating all the way back to Family Values 2007 & MayhemFest) but, they were a bad that was just there. I didn’t know that much about them but, they have grown in size and wanted a crash course of what their catalog is like. This album provided me with just that. It has some amazing covers, killer songs, and even a guest appearance from Rob Halford. As far the negative criticisms go…..Be it the haters or the band. I am not afraid to call Bullshit when I hear it.


GHOST: Prequelle

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What I liked about this album is while it’s heavier then their previous release…It’s still subtle. The distortion isn’t cranked up to 11, they’re still not screaming down a microphone and they even mixed things up. Got some instrumental tracks, one which includes a saxophone solo (yeah I never had thought to have that either). Not all the songs have an occult vibe and, rather than having the singer as another Papa they went with a Cardinal instead. This is a band that is on my Bucket List. The show looks incredible and I am a firm believer that bands need to have theatrical elements in their live shows. Sure live music is always great but after a certain point you’re just watching musicians on stage. You need to have something more. Something that will hold peoples attention and these guys can do it.

AVATAR: Avatar Country

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Avatar is a band that I heard of but wasn’t familiar with their music. So when I saw they were coming to Fort Rock 2018 I made sure to check them out. They were good so I bought this album and it’s…..WEIRD. I mean this album cover makes no sense. Especially for being called Avatar Country plus every song title has the word KING in it….So wouldn’t it make more sense to call this album The King? But despite how weird the presentation was. The musicianship is AMAZING. I don’t know if this can be considered progressive metal or not but I was so impressed with what I saw at the concert and what I heard on this album. I don’t even know how to describe it. Just give it a listen.

C418: Minecraft-Volume Alpha

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I may be a rock/metal guy but that doesn’t mean I don’t like other forms of music but even I have to admit. I didn’t what to expect with this. I didn’t know anything about this type of music (Ambient) until I saw a review of the game and they talked about the soundtrack. I was intrigued so I gave it a listen and i’m surprised by how much I like. Seriously this sounds relaxing, mysterious, creepy, and retro all at the same time. Sometimes you wanna kick back, relax and get lost in the atmosphere of music. This does that perfectly.

So those are just some of my favorite albums that I heard in 2018. If you disagree or felt like there’s some I should check out. Feel free to let me know in the comments and let’s look forward to what 2019 has to bring. So until next time nation STAY LOUD!



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