I got some good new and bad news. The bad news it, it looks like Fort Rock is not returning this year. I wish I had answers as to why but I sadly I do not. The Good News is INKCARCERATION IS!

We got a pretty solid line up here. We got out headliners like ShineDown, Godsmack & Five Finger Death Punch but, we also have acts like LIVE, Taking Back Sunday, Seether & Skillet. Great to see that LIVE is making a comeback and i’m surprised with some of the bands they got. P.O.D, Stabbing WestWard, Smile Empty Sole, & From Ashes to New. I haven’t heard much from these bands in a while. I’m glad they’re still going and still getting noticed. I hate to see all that talent not get recognized. Bands however are only half of the equation for this festival. Here are the tattoo artists.


I don’t know much about the tattoo seen but that is MASSIVE. Plus just like last year. They also got Food Trucks & Beverages, Tent & RV camping, a haunted house attraction, and just like last year This festival will be held in the Historic Ohio State Reformatory. You can get tickets at this link and until next time Nation…STAY LOUD!

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