Jayson Thiessen Confirmed for Final Bronycon

Greetings Nation,

I finally had some free time and I am able to give you my thoughts on the latest VIP guest for BronyCon. Former Supervising Director, Jayson Thiessen.

I had the pleasure Moderating his panels at the final Grand Brony Gala and not only was he a blast to have around. He was also very honest. See one of the biggest questions that surrounded the MLP spinoff series Equestrian Girls was why do the girls have skirts instead on pants? A lot of Brony youtubers believe it was either A. Make them more marketable to girls. Or B. To make them more attractive. Turns out NEITHER of those were true. According to Jayson. The real reason is……Pants cost more to make……..Yeah……THATS IT!

See he got an email from their Marketing/Brand department saying it would cost them to much money to make pants for all these toys. Now you might be thinking. What? An inch of fabric? Thats gotta be pennies on the dollar right? Yeah but, when you have to manufacture MILLIONS of these toys and ship them across all over the globe. Those pennies are gonna add up FAST. So in the end, the sole reason why they have skirts. Is because they couldn’t afford pants and at the end of the day your wallet plays a big part in what gets made.

So if you want a real honest answer to your burning questions about the show…Don’t look to your favorite brony youtuber. Look to the writers, the directors, and the producers. The voice actors might have some information but everyone else on the show has way more. So please line up to meet these people and show your appreciation. Get a photo with them, buy an autograph, and thank them for not just their work but, for giving you an honest answer.

As far as some of his credits go. Thiessen is best known as an animated film and television director, with more than 20 years of experience. He served as the Supervising Director and Co-Executive Producer for the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” television series between 2010 and 2015, directing classic episodes such as “Boast Busters” and “Luna Eclipsed” among others.  Special agent Thiessen has also directed the “Equestria Girls” and “Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks” spin off movies, and directed the full length 2017 feature film “My Little Pony: The Movie.” He has received multiple Leo Award nominations for his work on the television series.

In terms of importance for our event, Thiessen holds a candle like no other. In September of 2011 at our second ever convention he was the first member of show staff to ever appear at BronyCon when it served only a few hundred people in New York City. This will be his first time returning since then and we can’t wait to have him help us close out this chapter together.


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