Who should sing for Linkin Park?


This is the Concert Cruiser and I just watched this video from ROCK FEED where Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park spoke about where they should go when if they decide to get a new singer. You can check out the video down below.

And it got me thinking…..Who do I think would make for a good replacement for Linkin Park? So I thought I’d give you guys my opinions.

  1. Jaime Vendera: You may have seen this guy on MythBusters where he was the first person in recorded history to shatter a wine glass using only his un-amplified voice. Why do I think he would be good? This one is mostly a hunch. Jaime doesn’t have a band. He’s just a vocal teacher. So I thought that perhaps he would know what would be best for a song.

2. Jonny Santos: From the bands SpineShank and Silent Civilian. Jonny has a growl/scream that could punch through a brick wall but, could still sing softly at the drop of a hat. Jonny has a pretty good range and to be honest…His former band SpineShank is one of the most underrated bands ever.


3. Spencer Sotelo: From the band Periphery. This guy is already a Demond behind the mic but it’s his soft and high pitch singing that really sold me on this suggestion.


4. Corey Taylor: From the bands Slipknot and Stone Sour. Corey has an enormous range as well and just like the rest on this list. He is mostly known for his screaming but, his actual singing is REALLY nice and can sell any emotion. Even the stuff from A Thousand Suns and One More Light.


5. Adam Gontier: The former singer of Three Days Grace and the current singer of Saint Asonia. While I don’t know if he has as big of a range as everyone else on this list or just as powerful. Adam does have this gravely (or rusty) feel to his voice that I think would make a great addition to Linkin Parks sound.


So those are my top 5 picks for who I think would make a good replacement for Linkin Park. If you disagree or have a better idea. Let me know. I would like to know what you guys think and until next time Nation…STAY LOUD!!!



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