Nicole Oliver Confirmed for Final BronyCon

Greetings Nation,

I am thrilled to report that the Princess of the Sun herself, Nicole Oliver will be at the Final BronyCon.

And on that note. I would like to share with you all a story from when I got to work with her. She was a guest at the Grand Brony Gala and I got to Moderate her panels. I introduced her, she takes a seat and she starts joking around with me. She put me on the spot and had me perform the sound of someone getting stabbed (for a video game). She made me do a metal scream (and seeing how’s the metal guy i’m all for that). I then put her on the spot and made her sign a book for our charity auction and, we found out she’s a Karaoke freak (she loves Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing). You can see that panel down below.

She was an absolute blast but, then I got upset over something that someone. I’m not gonna reveal what it was or who said it. It’s my own personal business. It just made me really upset and she saw me in that condition. So she made sure I was ok through out the whole weekend. She has that motherly instinct. In fact she brought her sons with her to the event (who were very well behaved) and she talked about how much she loved them. It’s no wonder why she got to play Princess Celestia. On the last day we were all saying our goodbyes. So I went up to her and said thanks for what you did. It really means a lot to me and she Kisses me on the cheek………I can now officially say “I was Kissed by Princess Celestia” hahahahahahah. You gotta love conventions. Who knows what will happen and the memories you’ll get to make.

Outside of “MLP:FiM,” Oliver has worked on numerous animated shows throughout her career that spans over three decades. Some of those recent roles include Zoe Trent on “Littlest Pet Shop,” Dorothy Cramp on “The Cramp Twins,” and Mrs. Clusky on “Martha Speaks.” Her extensive background also includes multiple dubs for japanese animation including the martial artist twins Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung in “Ranma ½” and the space pirate Emeraldas in “Galaxy Express 999.”

Her work in animation has earned Oliver multiple “Behind the Voice Actors Award” nominations and wins as both a stand-alone actor and as an ensemble cast. She has also played many live-action roles as well,  making appearances on a variety of television series including “Supernatural,” “Psych,” and “Stargate SG-1.”

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