Aki Glancey (Vocamerica) & my first Vocaliod show


It’s been a long time since i’v done Interviews from the pit but not a lot of shows have been coming to my neck of the woods. However I recently attended what’s called a Vocaliod show and this was a VERY Unique experience and the creator Aki Glancey was gracious enough to grant me an interview. You can tell by just how she speaks just how much she loves the art of it. She loved educating people on this genre of music and the process of making it. So if you want to learn more then check out my interview with Aki Glancey below (If you wanna know my thoughts on my first Vocaloid show. Keep scrolling)


As I said before. This was VERY Unique experience and I mean that in a good way. It was like seeing an anime come to life. The screen the project the performance on. You can see right through it, So it gives the visuals more depth. Rather than say watching a 2D movie. Plus the other surprising thing was that the crowd knew who these characters were. They cheered when they appeared just like with any other performer and some people cosplaying as them. This format has a lot of potential. Like can you imagine if they had background sets for the vocaloids? I mean say one was doing a song that was horror related and you had a set that looked like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab? If it was synthetic or not it would incredible. I look forward to seeing where this format can go. If you wanna see more check out the video below.

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