100% (Re)Fresh(ing)


I know my website is reserved for music and conventions but, I want to do something different. See recently I saw the Adam Sandler Stand Up Comedy Special “100% Fresh” and, I want to talk about it. See despite all the hate we’ve have been giving Adam for his recent films. Be it in theater or on Netflix. This special was…..Great!

I had REAL authentic laughter. None of this recent stuff where all people do is just complain about politics and thinking their hot shit just because they said something mean about a them. Not that political satire can’t be funny but my biggest problem is most of it isn’t joke telling. It’s just pandering. Plus it doesn’t age well. I remember listening to Robin Williams Live at the Met and this was right after I saw his live on Broadway special. So i’m thinking this is going to be great. a Vast majority of it was about politics at the time…This came out in 1986…I was one and not everyone knows history. So i’m sitting there in complete silence waiting for something funny. That’s when I realized that this type of material just doesn’t age well.

But Adam’s latest special. It wasn’t just Fresh. It was Refreshing. Adam wasn’t ripping on politics, current events, or celebrity gossip. He was telling jokes that he wrote. I was listening to actual comedy again. His schtick was similar to what he did back on SNL. Doing silly songs, in goofy voices with some regular stand up bits that feels PG-13ish but, he makes it work. Like here’s a single from that special. This is called Phone, Wallet, Keyes.

It makes me laugh. Maybe it’s because it’s so absurdity of it all but, again…I had Real Authentic Laughter. Yes, the music does feel reminiscent of the Lonely Island but humor is 100% Adam. Here’s another song he did about Uber Drivers.

And then he tops it all off with a couple of songs at the end. One about his dear late friend Chris Farley and the other about his wife. Both were just so beautiful. It serves as a good reminder that despite all the crap we have given him. It shows he’s still human. The only downside of the special is there are times when he looks like he’s really into it and others when he just looks worn out or just not feeling it. But that’s about it. Adam called his Special 100% Fresh because it was all fresh, brand new material. But to me this was 100% Refreshing because it was so Refreshing to see comedy again. I hope I will have a chance to meet Mr. Sandler and have him sign my What the Hell Happened to me vinyl and maybe interview him. This special gets 41/2 stars out of 5.

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