Cipes & The People: Fire in the Sky


This is the Concert Cruizer and i’m back with a brand new review for you. I recently went to Orlando MegaCon which is like the San Diego Comic Con of the state.  Met a lot of great performers, saw some amazing cosplays, and I got to meet the voice actor of Beast Boy. Greg Cipes.

Meeting him was a trip. He was always willing to talk in character, he lives in Florida, and he has a band. Once he told me this I swore I would look him up and give a review of their latest release. So here is my review of Cipes & The People: Fire in the Sky.

(please note. The links do no work. This was just the most blown up image I could find of his album)

Now for anybody is wondering…No Beast Boy does not appear on this album. Which I consider to be a good thing. That would have been a way too easy of a move to get listeners but, he kept this separate from his voice acting career. Music wise this is a Reggae record with hints of psychedelia and it achieves that sound by using digital elements and it works rather well. You can create whole new levels textures to that sound using digital effects.

The first song is the title track Fire in the Sky and it’s a really tight love song. I love the verity of sound in it. While the lyrics are bit repetitive (that is if the lyric sites i’m reading are accurate) you get so lost in the sound that you don’t really notice. My only problem with this song is there appears to be a guitar solo and then Greg starts to sing over making the solo hard to hear. And now I don’t know if this is suppose to be a solo, a bridge, or a breakdown. But, it’s still a good song.

Next up we have Peace Now and i’m afraid I didn’t like this song. While it’s a nice sentiment, my biggest problem is that it doesn’t feel like a song. It feels like an experiment. Like someone created a synth riff and randomly dropped in sound bites. There’s not many lyrics, there’s no chorus, and it doesn’t feel complete. It’s like one of those weird interludes on Linkin Park’s a Thousand Suns.

Now Rainbeau seems to be about love making but, it’s done in a way that’s way more classy and tasteful. And doesn’t come off sounding obnoxious. It’s a nice acoustic and electric guitar song but, one of the unique things is the percussion. It’s actually someone doing beat boxing. After that is the song Holiday. This song has a hip hop feel to it and has a very nice flow. He name drops things you can do during a Holiday in the chorus but, he the lyrics in the chorus are the same each time. I would change it up every time. It would be a good way to mix it up and show what else you can do.

Next we have Drinking Gold and i’m not sure if this was mixed properly. While listening to it through my head phones. The music was way louder than the vocals. Making them hard to hear. It actually sounded like the speakers were rattling. There’s a nice guitar solo but again, someone is talking over it. And finally we have I AM and I think this was a good song to end on. The mix is way better, no one talks over the guitar solo, and it just talks about being free from everything that’s going on in the world.

After listening to the whole record. I can honestly there are some songs I would come back to and living in a place like Florida. It does set a tropical/summer mood and I can easily see myself recommending this album to people. So with all of that said I give this album a 7.5 out of 10. Definitely check out and be sure to visit his website at to pick up the record, buy some signed merch, and see where he will be appearing next. And until next time nation. STAY LOUD!


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