Static-X Updates


I have been begging for this to happen. Every time the band makes a social media post I keep asking for this. And after all these months. I finally got the great news that Static-X 20th Anniversary Wisconsin Death Trip Tour is coming to FORT LAUDERDALE.

The voices of South FL have been heard and we are rejoicing as we speak. Plus i’m getting more and more X-Static (pun intended) about the new Static-X record to. I have seen so many updates containing great new but, first. A a quick recap. The surviving members were given unfinished tracks made by their late singer Wayne Static before he died. They finished the music for the songs that had vocals and were gonna have a bunch of guests singers to lend their skills for the songs that didn’t have vocals but NOW. All that’s changed because the band uncovered more vocal tracks from Wayne. So now they don’t need all those guest singers. They will only be using one and, it is…Al Jorgensen. Which I find VERY appropriate. 

Because his band Ministry was suppose to headline the second stage at OZZFEST 2000 (the same year Static-X was playing the main stage) but, they dropped out because they would be playing during the day and couldn’t do their signature light show (they were replaced by SoulFly). So when Static-X took the stage. I remember clear as day Wayne saying “You know…We know ministry isn’t here….BUT WE’RE GONNA DO A MINISTRY SONG ANYWAY”. So now they’ve come full circle. Static-X got to represented him. Now he get’s to represent Static-X and, seeing how he also does Industrial Music too. He’s gonna be a perfect fit.

I’m really curious to see how this memorial/tribute show is gonna go down to. It sounds like the way a Rockstar would want to be remembered. Which brings me to this mysterious touring vocalist. First of all if that man is reading this. Sir I would like applaud you for your nobility. For it was HIS idea to wear this mask. He did this because he doesn’t want people to see the band like Static-X & insert name here (like with Sublime with Rome” or “Queen + Adam Lambert). He wanted people walking away from the show going THAT WAS STATIC-X.

Seriously. Look at this quote that I found.

Once we found our guy, we began to discuss the stage show and the visual presentation for the tour. In the end, it was actually our touring vocalist who suggested that he wear a mask on stage. Out of respect for Wayne and for the band, he didn’t feel that it would be right for his own image or identity to be placed in the center of something that he had nothing to do with creating. This struck the three of us as an incredibly selfless and humble gesture. The truth is, he could have been very self-serving and looked at this as an opportunity for him to raise his own profile and to put his name and face out there for all of you to see. Instead, he expressed the exact opposite intentions.

Let that sink in people. He could of used this to boost his own career but he decided to hide his identity and give everything to Wayne and the band. And to tell you the truth…I don’t want know his true identity. I want to believe that the surviving members some how brought Wayne back from the Dead to do this. They even gave him a stage name. Please welcome XERO.

Sir thank you so much for your Nobility, I can’t wait to meet you, and have you sign my poster (hopefully as XERO). Get your tickets and VIP packages now and let’s get ready to wake the dead. So until next time Nation…Stay Loud.


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