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The JAK Show

Legendary Death Metal vocalist Kelly Shaefer of Atheist. Has teamed up with former German Pop Star Jurgan Wochnick to start their own Podcast called THE JAK SHOW. Both of these men have had extensive careers in the music industry and they want to share their stories. So sit back and get ready for the ride of your life.

The JAK Show

The Lightning Round

Hey Nation,

I know it’s been a long time since I did a review but, we had a bunch of incidences, I was in Baltimore, and now I have a Cold. Needless to say I have a lot to catch up on. So let’s blast through a bunch of album reviews right. I give you the Lightning Round!

Papa Roach: Who Do You Trust

So I am a MASSIVE Papa Roach fan but, I’ve heard nothing bad things about this latest album. I finally gave it a listen aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd…….It wasn’t That Bad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely the weakest out of all their offerings but, it wasn’t painful to listen to. Nor does it have that feeling of something that just Exists. It just feels like Semi Pleasant White Noise. You will notice that Papa Roach punch. Just not as big and is mixed with Imagine Dragons. With a Punk song and a Rage Against The Machine. Now the Rage doesn’t bother me. Cuz it’s not like They’re using it. So I give this album 6.5 or 7 out of 10.


Rammstein: Rammstein

I have heard a lot of split opinions on this one, especially on their official Facebook group. There are people who say Rammstein lost their edge. Others say it’s their best album ever. There are some people who even question whether or not some of these people are “TRUE” fans (I hate Elitism). So what do I think of it?…….It’s fine. While it’s not as good as “Liebe ist für alle da”, can we at least admit to ourselves that LIFAD was a tough act to follow? It had this big, epic, grandiose sound with crushing riffs and amazing synth work. So for their self-titled album they did something more guitar driven. I would say it’s 60% guitar and 40% synth, maybe 70/30. There are some songs that are 50-50 on the sound and something you can move to, and the kind of writing you would expect. Where I felt LIFAD was a perfect 10 and I could listen to the entire CD without skipping a track, I’d say this was an 8 out of 10 with a few that didn’t do much for me.


First Jason: Lord of the Lake

And now for something Independent. Ari Lehman’s First Jason is back with Lord of the Lake and i’d say this album feels like a combination of his first two album (Jason Never Dies and Heed My Warning) and his previous album (To Be A Monster). At has a similar arrangement from To Be a Monster with a full on band but, with Similar writing from his first two albums. The only negative thing is the lyrics can be a bit too repetitive. For example in the album’s first single Jason Kills for Mother:

Put on the mask take on the task. Put on the Mask take on the task. Put on the mask take on the task. Jason Kills for mother. Put on the mask take on the task. Put on the mask take on the task. Put on the mask take on the task. Jason kills for mother.

And this chorus happens 3 times. So he says these line 18 times in a song that’s just under 4 minutes long. Now repetitiveness can be good if done right. like if you’re using it to build up to something like with Limp Bizkit’s Ready to go. But, if done improperly it feels more like filling up time. Now in the case of First Jason I wouldn’t say it’s neither or. It feels some where in the middle cuz the third times it’s used. It’s used as an outro and you can hear how it can be a build up. So what I would do for the third time is mix it up a bit like this:

Put on the mask take on the task. Put on the mask No Need To Ask. Put On The Mask In Blood I’ll Basque. Jason Kills For Mother. That way it feels like we’re building up towards the climax at the end of a movie (like Friday the 13th ;-). Maybe even add in a Key change for an even bigger effect. Lord the lake gets 7 Stars out of 10.


Emigrate: A Million Degrees

Emigrate: A Million Degrees

This album has a similar situation as Rammstein’s latest. In that it’s a 180 coming off the heels of a 360. Emirate’s previous album (Silent So Long) had this deep and intimate feeling to it, with deep emotional riffs and heartfelt lyrics. While this album does have some personal topics and lyrics, it’s more rock-driven and doesn’t grab you quite like Silent So Long did, it’s still good, which is why I give this album the same score for the same reason. Where Silent So Long was a perfect 10 for me, A Million Degrees is a solid 8. Sometimes in this genre of music, you just want to move and rock out. I can easily give some of these songs another listen and the special guests don’t feel like cheap cameos. If this album does have one flaw, it’s going from English lyrics to German in a couple of songs. It didn’t make any sense when Lady Gaga did it. It’s not gonna make anymore sense if someone else does it.

Lindemann: Skills in Pills

Seeing as how I reviewed Emigrate and Rammstein, why not tackle Till Lindemann’s solo album Skills in Pills? This one also has a lot of people split on it (at least from what I’v seen). While the music is catchy as hell and feels very serious sounding, it’s the lyrics that people are scratching their heads over. Take for example Fish On: It smells like fish, I take a sniff. The bait is fresh, my rod is stiff. The hook is big, made from steel. I put some grease upon my reel. Or the song Fat: People laughing about your size. We can fuck them on your French fries. When I break open your king size bra. Your giant boobs are just wunderbar! And for this this last example….I don’t even have to give you any of the lyrics. I just have to say the name of the song…..Golden Shower..…Yeah. Now in my research for this album I discovered a couple of things. The first is, if you ever read translated Rammstein lyrics, they’re just as bizarre. So this is just how Till talks and I can’t fault him for that.

The second, is the songs are supposed to be humorous. Now here is where my issue lies. I don’t know how serious I’m supposed to take this album. The music sounds serious, the album art looks serious, and even some of the song topics are serious. So, when I listen to a song like Children of the Sun I get this profound feeling. I then listen to a song like Cowboy and go “STOP! WAIT! GO BACK!…..What did he just say?” Some folks have said these songs are meant to be tongue in cheek humor. Which when you read the lyrics you might be able to see (like with the title track Skills in Pills) but, some of them are more like tongue sticking out of your mouth and drooling (like Praise Abort). So, it feels inconsistent. I would try to be a bit more selective with these lyrics and it’s why I give this album 7 out of 10.


That’s it for now. I need to check out the new Slipknot album “We’re Not You Kind” and type up a review about that. So Until next time Nation. STAY LOUD!.