Korn: The Nothing & Puddle Of Mudd: Welcome to Galvania


Well we got some new releases from a couple of bands that have been around for a long time. Korn’s The Nothing and Puddle of Mudd’s Welcome to Galvania. So lets go ahead and start with one of the 4 bands that got me started down my path of rock. KoRn.

Now this is KoRn’s first album since the royalty dispute of their former drummer and the death of the singer’s (Jonathan Davis) wife. So I (and I think a lot of others) knew that incident was gonna play a big part of this album and, it certainly did. The first track begins with BagPipes which not new to KoRn but it feels like it’s being played over a funeral procession. And has him asking Why Did You Leave Me. Which then goes into the song Cold. Which feels like Pure Paranoia and considering everything Jonathan has been through…I can’t blame him. Then we get the song “You’ll Never Find Me”. Which ends with Jonathan just screaming and cussing and I haven’t heard him act like that since “Daddy”. There’s even a line in this album where he says “God Is Making Fun of Him” but, does not feel cheesy in anyway. Cuz keep in mind it’s not these recent events he’s been through. A few years ago he almost died himself and his son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.

Make no mistake about. This is a DARK ALBUM! This is not the kind of record that you put out there thinking fans will get a kick out of it. Sure, KoRn has always had dark subjects before but, this is the kind that can drag down with it. Or at the very least make you feel uncomfortable. It still has some amazing riffs, writing and performances. And you can certainly rock out to this. Plus it’s slightly on par with Serenity Of Suffering but, where that album was a 9. This is an 8.5 out of 10. A suitable successor from their previous album.

Puddle of Mudd: Welcome to Galvania

And now we have Welcome to Galvania from Puddle of Mudd. This is their first album in 13 years (eat that Tool lol). Plus their singer (Wes Scantlin) has now been sober for over a year now. So how did that translate to this new album? Well if you remember in my review of the first single “Uh-Oh”. I said the riffs feel pretty stock but, still had a great solo. And that can be said for the whole album. But that’s not my biggest problem with the album. For me it’s that Wes sounds like he’s singing through his nose a bit too much. The technique itself is fine to use. Just don’t over do it. And I don’t like the mixing. There were times I couldn’t understand what Wes was saying. Sometimes the guitars over powered the vocals. I would like to see this album redone and until it is. I give this a 5 out of 10. Now all of this being said. I still applaud Wes for staying sober and As long as he does. I will more than willing to give him my time.

Thats it for now Nation and until next time…STAY LOUD!!!


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