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On The Rise: EMDF (Embrace My Darkest Fears)



It’s been a while since i’ve done an ON THE RISE. So I think it’s time I bring it back. For those of you who don’t know. ON THE RISE is meant to shine the spotlight on an up-incoming band that I think can make waves. And today I am pleased to give you guys EMDF (Embrace My Darkest Fear).

This band was brought to my attention on Instagram and I can honestly say…I am so glad I checked them out. I mean did you listen to that video above? These guys are from Las Vegas and they bring back that Industrial Metal Sound that I have not heard in sometime. But they did something a little different. See what makes their version of sound different (at least to me) is. Their version does not give me that feeling of wanting to dance.

I mean think back to bands like Rammstein, Static-X, Combichrist, Nine Inch Nails, and Orgy. When you listen to those bands. You have this feeling of wanting to get up and dance. Which is fine. I enjoy all those bands but, they know thats the kind of music they make. Hell Static-X calls their music Evil Disco and Orgy calls theirs Death Pop. But EMDF?….

Not so much. Their version of IM is meant to be like a dash of salt to go with a meal that already taste good. Plus their music videos have Really good production value. I mean these videos look like something that was professionally shot but, Nope. It was made by a friend of theirs. These guys are worth checking out. IM has not had a fresh face for a long time and if done right. I think these guys could be that Fresh New Face. These guys get a solid 9 out of 10 from me. Check them out on Spotify and Facebook. Links below. And until next time Nation…STAY LOUD!.

Concert Reviews: The Great Tour with Sabaton & HammerFall



I recently got to experience two bands that I have never seen before. I was aware of them but, never heard their music. And now all of that has been changed. So Ladies and Gentlemen I give you my review of The Great Tour with Sabaton and HammerFall.

Now first up we have HammerFall. And they have two things going for them. Their look and playing.They have what I call that “Classic Metal” look. The black leather, silver metal, long flowing hair, and synchronized head banging. This is what metal looked like back in its early days and since then it had branched off into other visual styles. Which is all good but, it’s nice to have the classic look with a more modern sound. It’s good for younger audience to have a fresh example of what metal used to look like. The synchronized head banging was a nice touch. Just makes the performance look a bit more organize. The only thing I wish I saw more of was the guitar players switching sides. Perhaps not during the songs because as I said I like that organized look. But perhaps when they are switching to a new song.

As for the playing itself. It was VERY clean. I was down in front so I could see the guitarists hands as they played. And they had dead on accuracy. No missed/dead notes. Even the guitar solos were played very clean. Now as for someone who is new to this band. The stand out song for me “We Make Sweden Rock”. And it was about just how many great bands and musicians come from there. And it made me think about all the Swedish bands i’v seen. Including them and Sabaton, I have seen Avatar, Amon Amarth, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah, The Haunted, Europe, SoilWork, Tim Skold. And that’s not even including the bands I haven’t seen. Or the ones who aren’t even metal. It just made me realize there are A LOT talented musicians from Sweden. I don’t know what’s in their Hot Coco but, if it makes bands like this. Keep Drinking. All and all I give their performance a 9 out of 10. And if you want to see their music/lyric video for that song and a live one. Check out the videos below.

Music/Lyric Video



And now let’s check out our headliner, SABATON. I did some research about this band before I went to see them. Turns out they are all about Military History. And seeing how I came from an Extended Military Family (heck both of my grandfathers served in WWII). I had a personal interest in them. They have a pretty good look but, their stage set up is impressive. They have a tank on stage where the drummer sits. The mic stands were guns, and they have crates that you would see out on a military base (one of them even says Kiss Your Ass Goodbye).

Their playing was just as clean as HammerFalls and while these guitarists did switch sides…They did it a bit to much. Matter of fact they all did and it almost looked like they were drifting around on stage. But their music and playing were still great. For me their stand out song was Bismark. I watched that music video so many times. Not only is it about an Ancient warship and, a good song. But the music video is VERY well made. Like one step under movie quality. And after looking more into them I can honestly say they are great teachers for Military History. So with that in mind I give their performance a 9 out of 10. Definitely check out these bands if you like power metal. Go see them live. And if you want to see their Music Video for Bismark. Both official and live. Then check out the videos below. And until next time nation….STAY LOUD!

Official Video

LIVE Performance




Concert Review: When Legends Rise Tour



It’s been a while since i’v done one of these but let’s change that. I am happy to give my review of THE LEGENDS RISE tour with GODSMACK & HALESTORM.

Now before we begin a full disclosure. My Dad (Papa Cruizer) and I are MASSIVE Godsmack fans. Matter of fact this is was our fifth time seeing them together. But I will not let my love for this band distract me from any negative criticisms I may have with their performance. So with that said let’s get started.

Now first up we actually have a third band on this tour called MONSTER TRUCK.

We did not see this band advertised anywhere. Not on the website, marquee, or fliers. Which is a real shame because they’re actually pretty good. They have this great Southern Rock and Roll sound and what REALLY threw us for a loop is that they’re from Canada (insert record scratch here). And this was in Florida so they are already in Southern Territory. But the crowd loved them. Nobody cared that they were from Canada. They even did this GREAT blues song called For The Sun. It just goes to show that music has no boundaries. The only things I didn’t like about their performance was this. They have a keyboard player with them but, you couldn’t hear him. And they didn’t really interact with the crowd that match. But other that a Solid 8 out of 10 performance and a great way to start the show.

Now we move onto HALESTORM.

Now this is a band I knew was around. But didn’t really notice them until my dad and I saw them at Fort Rock 2018. This band piqued our interest due to Lzzy vocal skills. We could hear her and we liked what we heard. So we were curious to see them again. And HOLY SHIT! She did not disappoint. She Can sing, scream (way more than once), shred, and could REALLY work a crowd. Now here is what they did that Monster Truck didn’t. Interacting with the crowd isn’t just asking how the crowd they’re doing, introducing your band, or asking them if they are ready to rock? It’s about setting the mood for the song. It’s asking them other questions. Heck you can even make light hearted jokes. Like when we saw them it was a Tuesday night. And Lzzy Hale said “I know most of you got school or work the next morning. So we’re gonna change things up a bit. Today is now FRIDAY NIGHT! SO I WANNA SEE YOU ALL GO F****** CRAZY”! Just saying something like that can really get a crowd going and be way more into it. As for their performance….it was FLAWLESS. Not only did they have the look and the stage set up. But they were having so much fun up there.

Not only could you hear it in the playing and on their faces but, their antics on stage. Like when it came time for the Obligatory Drum Solo. The BASSIST got to show off his skills. I never get to see the bass player have his own live solo. Then the drummer got to take over and about half way through. He chucks his drum sticks and then announces he’s got even bigger ones. And he pulls out these three feet long drum sticks and those did not slow him down at all. Later Lizzy and her brother AreJay bring out their OWN MOTHER on stage and introduced her as Mama Hale. She told the crowd that back in 1993 she and her brother. Told their mom that they want to start a rock band and they’re gonna call it HALESTORM. Their mother nervously said Do It and the rest is History. HaleStorm did a fantastic job and they have definitely turned my Dad and I…Into fans. HaleStorm gets a 10 out of 10. A Perfect Score. If you want to see some clips of their performance head on over to my YouTube Channel

And now we have reached our headliner GODSMACK

Now first off, my dad and I were a little disappointed that they didn’t have that huge structure they usually tour with. It’s this two level platform thing they had with them at Fort Rock 2018 and the band will climb up and down when they perform certain songs and is even hiding a second drum set. But i’m guessing it was swapped out for this new lighting rig. Which to be fair is pretty cool. They can move around in different angels setting different moods. The first song they open with is When Legends Rise and I noticed that something was off about it…I noticed that they slowed down the tempo. I thought this was an error but, as it turns out. All their fast tempo songs went slower. So this was a conscience decision. But I prefer the normal speed. It just feels right.

Sully definitely had good crowd interaction to. During the song Something Different, he had the stage hands turn down all their lights and asked the crowd to just shine all their cell phone lights right on him. And as people were getting their phones out he burped right into the mic and just went ‘excuse me…gotta love them chicken wings man”. Everyone laughed and shined their lights on them and I was surprised how bright it got. Not as much as their stage lights but enough to see him telling fans to get their phones out cuz I can’t stand all this phone hatred at shows. People are just taking momentos of the show. That’s it. Anyway in the middle of the show they do their famous drummer jam session and they had the lights going, the riffs playing and finished it off with a bang. You can see it down below

I gotta say I like their new lighting rig. It reminds of Rammstein’s only it does not have that industrial look. Anyway when it came time for the encore. A grand piano rises from the stage. I pointed it out to my dad he goes “That’s New”. Sully announces the inspiration for their song Under Your Scars and said they started a nonprofit called the Scars Foundation (Click the link to make a donation). It’s a great humanitarian effort helping people with Mental Illness, Suicide, Addiction and Bullying. It’s a wonderful cause that they are doing and I will be making a donation myself. My Dad was also shocked to see that it was Sully who wrote and played the piano. I can remember him saying man this guy can sing, scream, play guitar, drums, AND can play the piano?…Is there anything he can’t do? The show ends with them doing their big hit I STAND ALONE and ends with an even bigger bang. The only thing I didn’t like about their performance was the tempo changes. I like songs with a faster pace and when bands slow it down and it can alter my mood towards it. They also said they would songs from every album but they didn’t do any from IV or The Oracle. But, i’ll let that one slide. So all in all I give this performance a 9 out of 10.

That’s it for now nation. Stick around because I got a concert review of Sabaton with HammerFall next. STAY LOUD!