Concert Reviews: The Geocidal Tendencies Tour


It’s time for another concert review and this time we’re going as Hard Core as possible. That’s right, It was an evening of Death Metal. Ladies and Gentleman, Headbangers of all ages. This is “The Geocidal Tendencies Tour”.

Now the line up for when I went was Cattle Decapitation, Atheist, Full of Hell, and Vitriol. So those are the bands i’m gonna focus on. But, first I wanna give a shout to the venue “The Culture Room” in Fort Lauderdale FL. This was a NICE Club type venue. It’s got two levels for multiple viewing angles, LED wall panels, a killer lighting set up, and a patio where they broadcast the show on a wall. So if you wanna get out of the crowd and still watch the show. The option is there. If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area and wanna see a show at a great venue Go to for details. Now on with the music.


Now first up we got the band VITRIOL.

Now music wise….I’m not sure if i’m the right person to ask. It wasn’t really my thing but, from watching them I can tell you that these guys are FAST! Their bassist and drummer really stood out to me cuz of their speed. I’m not sure if I ever heard a double bass played that quick. And speaking of bass. I don’t know how their bassist fingers are still attached because this guy didn’t use a guitar pick. So while I don’t feel comfortable with critiquing their music. I will say that these guys do have skills and their performance was flawless. I don’t recall seeing one thing out of place. And if you like sheer brutality, then this is the band for you.

Now let’s check out FULL OF HELL.

And I gotta say, these guys through me of GOOD. See when it comes to this type of music. The main style of vocals i’m used to hearing is that deep, guttural, almost demon sounding singing. But this guy (Dylan Walker) could also do that high pitch, almost banshee sound too. And then I noticed they had what looks like some kind of electronic panel. I had no idea what it was for until it was used in a song. They had moments where they went (what I can only call) Ambient Metal. Like the kind of music you would hear in MineCraft but those heavy guitars are still going. I actually met up with the singer and I ask him. Dude what was that? Your music was like Death MineCraft Metal. So which he said, I’ll take it lol. I gotta give these props for creativity cuz i’v never heard of anything like that. You could say they had an experimental element to them. So I give these guys an 8 out of 10.

Now let’s check out ATHEIST.

Atheist is a band I am familiar with. I remember seeing their old website and it said “The World Premier Death Metal Jazz band” and folks….THEY’RE NOT KIDDING! They took the technicality of Jazz and cranked the distortion up. But, how did it translate live? Very Well actually. Seeing them play this style live gives you a new appreciation for the skill that goes into this style of music. Plus they’re singer (Kelly Shaefer). Didn’t have that guttural growl or high pitched scream. He was somewhere in the middle, which added a different sound to them. Plus they had a different vibe. Whenever you see or hear Death Metal bands. They all tend to have a similar ideology of Brutality and Death but, Atheist are way more artistic than that. I mean let’s look at these song titles. Unquestionable Presence, Mother Man, And The Psychic Saw, Second to Sun, Air. Now let’s look at song titles from Cannibal Corpse. Death Walking Terror, Make them Suffer, Heads Shoveled Off, I Cum Blood, Hammer Smashed Face. Now I know their singer writes horror films, which is fine. But by comparison, see what i’m getting at here? One is a constant horror films and the other makes you want to read the lyric sheet? The only thing I didn’t like about the performance was the constant red lighting. But other than that. It was a great performance. I give this band a 9 out of 10.

And now our headliner. Cattle Decapitation.

For the visuals. These guys had it. They had their symbol carved into metal, blow up some smoke, shine a red light, and it creates this AWESOME image. Those side flags added a nice touch but, what I didn’t like was the fact that you couldn’t see the singers face. And while that constant red lighting was back. I can see why they used it. That light helps make that image on those side flags just POP. So I can’t get that disappointed at it. Now music wise, these guys also had their own unique twist on the death metal style. They didn’t always sing about Death and Brutality. They also sung about current issues, animal rights, to even humans impact on the environment. They also have different textures to their sound. Like in Be Still our Bleeding Hearts. It goes from Butality to allowing you to feel the emotion of the song. Plus their singer has various ranges in his vocals as well. Heck there were times where the music had that emotional moment but, the singer was using his brutal vocals. I even saw their guitarist do sweep picking. And with all that variety I give this performance an 8.5 out of 10.

Needless to say it was a fun night of Death Metal. And while it may not be everyone thing. These people can play. Maybe it’s a bit too brutal for you. Heck at times it’s too much for me but, I can not deny the skills these musicians have. So until next time Nation. Stay Loud

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