We’ve had some new songs from OZZY OSBOURNE. Under the Graveyard, Straight to Hell, and the Post Malone song What You Want featuring OZZY. Let’s start with his Solo songs. These songs DO NOT feature Zakk Wylde on guitar and, while most people hate this fact….It doesn’t bother me. There is no denying Zakk’s talent. It’s just after listening to the last 2 albums he did with him. They have a similar sound and style to them. And after listening to these songs. I get the feeling that OZZY wanted to take a different approach with his new album. These feel like a mix of Black Sabbath with solo material (minus the crazy Solos). This has me excited for his new album.


And now let’s looks at the Post Malone song that features him. While not an Ozzy Osbourne song. I felt like it was necessary to talk about….Because I didn’t’t think these 2 singers would work so well. I think what makes it such a good match is that they both mumble their words. I don’t know if Ozzy has done anything rap related but he sounds pretty good being backed by a beat machine. We even get this kick ass guitar solo by Andrew Watt. I also saw their performance at their music video and it was really pleasant seeing how Happy he was. Like that little glint in his eye has come back. If you ever needed proof that Rap and Rock can work well together…This is all the proof you need. Check out the song below and until next time nation…STAY LOUD!


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