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Trans-Siberian Orchestra


After years of trying I FINALLY got to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra LIVE. And all I can is…It was everything I hoped it would be. It had this sense of being larger than life. You feel enlightened. And it put you in the Christmas spirit. Something I haven’t felt in years. 

So I get there and I was lucky enough to get a ticket during the presale. So i’m six rows back from the stage and the show begins. I know these guys do Rock Operas but, I had never seen or heard one. And what happens is a Story Teller (Phillip Brandon) comes out and tells the story of the Opera. And in this case it took place in a bar during Christmas time and each patron had their own story. And then the band would come out and perform a song about it.

The Story Teller

Now there is NOTHING easy about performing. But I do wonder if Mr. Brandon has the easiest job in the band. Because he would come out, perform the narration, and then sit down on a stool on the stage. Not off to the side of the stage. Right there on it. Like smack dab in the middle, with the band playing. It was a little distracting cuz i’m seeing all these people rocking out on there instruments with the lights going off. And there’s him just sitting there. I’m sure there’s a reason and hopefully i’ll know (I just sent him an email) and if it’s a legit then no biggie.

See What I Mean?

Now as far as the other performances go. The only Flaw I heard/saw was when they were performing the song a Mad Russian’s Christmas. I have heard the song many times and when I saw them play it live…The tempo was slower than it was in the recording and I really don’t like that. I really like those fast tempo’d songs and removing that takes away some of that original feeling you got when you first heard it. So i’m afraid that’s one strike against them. Moving on, one thing I was told about TSO is that they always add something new with every tour and this year…There was something in that the front audience had to find. I turned around aaaaannnnnd……They had a Tesla Ball.

Tesla Ball

Look at the picture. Everybody is still watching the stage and can’t see what’s behind them. Which to be honest…I thought was kind of cool. Because it gave the people in the back a chance to be up close with at least one of their stage props. And this thing was playing in rhythm with the band. Another surprise (that I sadly did not get a picture of) was they made it snow. I’m sitting in my seat and I notice all the stuff floating onto the people in front (including me). And while we realize it’s meant to be snow. I was wondering what it was made out of. Because it’s obviously not real snow because it’s not cold enough. It felt like soap suds but, it didn’t smell like soap. What it is? I don’t know but it was a great effect.

The show itself is roughly two hours and fifteen minutes long but, the rock opera portion is an hour. I didn’t know that at the time. So when the musical director (Al Pitrelli) comes out. I’m thinking the show’s already over? I thought it would be longer. He asked how many people were first timers seeing TSO. And a good chunk of people (including me) applauded. Then he says, and now my favorite thing to do in the world……Repeat Offenders? And the rest of the crowd ERUPTS. These guys have been doing for like twenty and I can’t believe it took me this long to see them. Then all said the one thing I didn’t expect. We haven’t turned on the other half of this stuff….I sat there and went….OH SHIT, WE’RE ONLY HALF WAY DONE! Turns out after the Rock Opera portion. It turns into a regular concert with the rest of the theatrics.

The Storm

Mozart and Memories

Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24

And it turns out the band does a Free Meet & Greet after every show. You can bet I got in line. Now you don’t have much time to chat with them cuz there’s a lot of people to get through. But the fact that you don’t have to buy anything is fantastic. Plus they have bins filled with guitar picks and you are more then welcome to take some. That’s not only Fan Friendly. That’s a Christmas Present TO YOU FROM THE BAND.

Al Petrelli

Free Guitar Picks

Guys this show was Amazing and I can’t wait for next, or this year. This concert gets a 9.5 out of 10. Stick around for my next article. Or possibly…My next Video? I got some new ideas I wanna try out. So until next time nation. STAY LOUD!