Rammstein vs Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Last year I finally got to attend a Trans-Siberian Orchestra show and it’s one of the best concert experiences i’v ever had. The size and scale of this show was amazing…That being said, i’v also attended another band’s concert who also has massive show. And that band is RAMMSTEIN. And it got me thinking…Who has the better show? I know a lot of people want to jump to Rammstein cuz their new show format takes up a football stadium, but Iv only seen an arena show of there’s back in 2012. And after careful consideration i’v come to a conclusion…………I can’t pick one.

Now hear me out. The reason why I can’t and won’t choose one over the other is because, while these are 2 huge shows. They are not the same experience. Be it in terms of music, theatrics, tone, or motif. For Example, while both are metal bands. One is Industrial. The other is Progressive. One is clearly way more complex than the other (see examples below)


TSO’s concerts is meant to be a Christmas Rock Opera. Meant to give a sense of every single Christmas vibe. Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards All, and even Spiritual Enlightenment. While Rammstein is more of an edgy Circ Des Soleil show. It has some Amazing theatrics with Fire, Lights, and props. Meant to give you that sense of testosterone filled, fist pumping, action. Along with their own brand of artistry. See examples below.


Rammstein has a stage set up that (at the time) screams abandoned factory. Or a creepy warehouse where you know some bad shit is gonna go down. It’s meant to looks rusty, maybe a bit grimy, and has a lot more emphases on Fire.  TSO on the other hand, has a stage set up that looks more fancy and sophisticated (going by looks not technology). Like it’s meant to look very clean, classy, and has more of an emphases on lights. See examples below.

So it’s not a fair comparison and that’s why I can’t and will not pick one over the other. However I will say this……. TSO does a free meet and greet at the end of every show. They will meet (if I had to guess) 50-100+ people every night. You don’t have buy an album, or try to win some kind of contest. Plus each guitarist has a Tupperware bin filled with guitar picks and you are welcome to take some.

Rammstein on the other hand doesn’t do any of this. Sure they do meet and greets but you gotta get EXTREMELY lucky. Cuz you either have to win a meet and greet (and the amount of people they choose is not that much. Last time it was just 15 people). See if they are doing an in store signing somewhere. Which Most of the time it’s in their home country (Germany). Or if they’re doing a festival, you MAY get lucky and perhaps they will do a signing there. So as you can see it’s rather difficult.

Im sure there is some cultural differences and they get the occasional crazy fan boy/girl. I just don’t think they do enough to meet their fans. Sure they don’t have to meet them, but it’s the least I think any performer can do. Most fans just want to say hi, tell them how much they love your work, get an autograph and, a photo. Maybe a guitar pick. That’s it. And Fans! You need to be able to contain yourself. While these bands will always thank you for being a fan. Know that to them. This is ART. They are not looking for a hook up and most of them have wives or girlfriends. Either way, both bands are worth seeing. Checking out their websites for tour dates and until next time. This is the Concert Cruizer saying STAY LOUD!


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