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I just got back from Tampa and whats the first thing I see?…..NEW METALLICA!!! Yes the first single HARD WIRED off they’re new upcoming album “HARD WIRED…TO SELF DESTRUCT”. So I gave it a listen and this is my FIRST IMPRESSION (I need to let it sink in a bit more). If feels like St. Anger but done write. The riffs sound like they came from that album but the production is better, the running time is shorter, has guitar solos and no snares. Now keep in mind this is just my first impression and its only this one song. I have not heard the rest of the album but first impressions are good. Give it a listen and hear it for yourself. ROCK ON \m/




Sorry for long absence but I sustained an injury and have been on a slow recovery but i’m back with my review on the new KORN: ROTTING IN VAIN single and its…….not their best work, and this kills me because I have been a fan of theirs ever since I first heard the words GOT THE LIFE but this feels a little generic. It’s not horrible by any means it’s just not that good. Its start erie and creepy kind of like a  FALLING AWAY FROM ME vibe. Then it hits you with that familiar Korn sound which feels fine but then Jonathan starts to sing. Then tone just feels off because he is singing with some anger in his voice but  the guitar goes back to that creepy sound from the intro and it just doesn’t fit. Granted it doesn’t last very long but this rusty tone over that riff just doesn’t really work well.

When the chorus kicks in it does fit better but I don’t feel connected like I should…until Jonathan screams. It grabs your attention and you welcome it with open arms but then it goes back to the verse and it loses you again. Chorus kicks in and once again it has you and Jonathan brings out an old trick where he makes those nonsensical noises like her did on TWIST and FREAK ON A LEASH which is a welcomed return but the song is almost over and it didn’t impact me as it should. Ultimately its a 3 out of 5 for me but I still have high hopes. They boys of KORN promised us a heavier album, with less of the digital effects and its being released on the Metal Mega Label ROADRUNNER RECORDS. So until next time nation STAY LOUD!




OK so I am a HUGE RAMMSTEIN fan (In fact one of my goals in life is to meet them) and they have not released a new album since 2009 Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da but recently they played the PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands where they premiered a new song called RAMM 4. So what are my thoughts on this new song? Music wise it sounds reminiscent of guitarist Richard Z Kruse’s side band Emigrate and their song Silent So Long but it doesn’t feel like a total rip off. If anything it feels like they expanded on the riff.

Now lets talk lyrics. While the song is in German you can find another video with translated lyrics HERE and if these lyrics are accurate then I believe this song is meant to represent they’re return. Not only do they drop their own band name but they reference some of the songs they’ve written over the years and even the machinery set up they use for their stage. The only thing I didn’t like about the lyrics was the use of nah nah nah’s because as we all know (Take it Away StrongBad). Yeah those aren’t legit lyrics. That’s what you put down as a filler until you come up with something real. That being said this song is not officially recorded yet so let’s wait and see what happens (and hopefully someone can explain what the number 4 is suppose to mean).

All and all i’d say this song doesn’t get me excited to hear new material from the Gods of Industrial Metal. Be sure to go to for more details. But now I want to hear from all of you. What did you guys think of this song? Comment below and let me know and until next time nation. STAY LOUD!



I just received some exciting news. Korn & Breaking Benjamin are set to go on tour they’re calling the “Nocturnal Underground Tour”. With special guests Motionless In White and Silver Snakes.

Nocturnal Underground Tour


They will be going on a 14 city trek and tickets go on sale June 10 in select markets and VIP tickets will be available at Breaking Benjamin’s website. The dates are as follows.

Saturday, Sept. 24 – Fargo, ND – Scheels Arena

Sunday, Sept. 25 – Omaha, NE – Baxter Arena

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – Cedar Rapids, IA – US Cellular Center

Wednesday, Sept. 28 – Peoria, IL – Peoria Civic Center

Wednesday, Oct. 5 – Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion

Friday, Oct. 7 – Pelham, AL – Oak Mountain Amphitheatre

Saturday, Oct. 8 – Southaven, MS – Landers Center

Sunday, Oct. 9 – Biloxi, MS -Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – Tampa, FL – MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre

Wednesday, Oct. 12 – Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Thursday, Oct. 13 – Alpharetta, GA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (on sale June 17)

Saturday, Oct. 15 – Rogers, AR – Walmart AMP

Sunday, Oct. 16 – Tulsa, OK BOK Center – (on sale June 24)

Wednesday, Oct. 19 – Colorado Springs, CO – Colorado Springs World Arena (on sale June 17)

What songs are you guys hoping to hear live? I am hoping Breaking Benjamin plays Ashes of Eden. that whole album grew on me very fast and Korn never fails to disappoint. I saw Motionless In White on Mayhem but I haven’t seen Silver Snakes yet but it’s sure to be a good tour.




Former SLIPKNOT drummer JOEY JORDISON is back with a new band called VIMIC and they’re song SIMPLE SKELETONS has been blowing up all over Liquid Metal on Sirius XM  Satellite Radio. So what do I think about it?…..I like it! This particular song has Joey’s drumming style all over it. The guitars are driven by grooves and the singer ACTUALLY SINGS! The band features Chase Musmecci on vocals long with some of his former bandmates from Scar The Martyr. Jed Simon & Kriss Norris on Guitar, Kyle Konkiel on Bass, and Mathew Tarach on keyboard. According to Joey he wanted to do something different so he wiped the slate clean and started over. He also said there will be a tour in support of this new release. So click the link up above and tell me what you think of this new song.




Recently I was contact by one of my life long friend’s and my guitar teacher Eddie Depool of Blue Tape Studios and he showed me a song he just worked with a new band from Nashville called TAKE CAPTIVE. They were a post hardcore band but this particle song (Invincible) was more pop rock sounding and…….its a good song. Nothing about it comes off like some pre manufactured four chord pop song. It felt like it was created by actual artists who took their time to make the music right. Not to mention the combination of synths and legit instruments. Pop rock can indeed work and I have to say that this song is a prime example. Needless to say i’m looking forward to their debut EP “Damaged” coming out this summer but if you want to here Invincible for yourself just click right HERE and give it a listen. Be sure to let the band know what you think and if you have any songs you would like to check out just leave me a comment below and let me know. ROCK ON!



Now that things have settled down for me it’s time to get back to work. A lot has happened since I have been gone. We sadly lost Prince, Brian Johnson of AC/DC has been let go and replaced by Axel Rose and to top it all of Guns & Roses are finally having a (semi) reunion. I don’t believe every original member is involved but it’s something. The one thing I heard that I couldn’t believe was that MTV is bringing back Music related programming. From what I have gathered it seems they are bringing back their popular acoustic series UNPLUGGED as well as a new Hip Hop competition from the producer of THE VOICE (Mark Burnett). In total they plan on launching 14 music related shows. Being a product of the 90s. I was there for a lot of this stuff. I can still recall the TRL wars, a Say What Karaoke contestant performing ChumbaWumab’s Tubthumping wearing nothing but a garbage bag, as well as some of my favorite bands doing Making a Video. I hope they bring back a lot of this because they were just so much fun to watch. I would like to see them bring back Headbanger’s Ball but I want an actual host. Not just have 20 music videos lined up in a row to play. Doing that feels cheap and doesn’t give the show any character. I have no idea if they plan on having any rock or metal related show but it’s a start.


Where Have You Been?

Greetings Nation,

I know its been a while so I figured I should give you an update. Some of you know I work for a hospital and now I am transferring to a new one. Its a lot closer to home so I want be driving miles and miles to get to work so ill be saving a ton on gas. Second we had an emergency in the family which is taking up a lot of time. Third I am still working with the Grand Brony Gala and trying to increase my clout behind the scenes on the convention circuit and finally I want to take my concert review show in a new direction. I was watching my older episodes and although I am very proud of them. I come off more like news caster. I need to bring more energy and a personality to my on screen persona. I still plan on doing my review of the GWAR show and now the band Europe. I also need to raise some more funds to pay my editor. I start a Patreon with lots of perks for supporting my show. Once all this has settled down I can get back to work on Concert Cruizer. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for further updates. So keep rocking nation and ill see you soon. \m/\m/




It’s been to long without any up dates so let me explain what I have been up to. I had recently taking an acting class and it went by quite well. I plan on going back every chance I get. The Grand Brony Gala is also getting ready for it’s fourth year and I have been working hard with them to raise money for both our event and All Children’s Hospital (Go to for more details). Plus i’m still working at my hospital as well but with all of that said. I have been working on another episode of Concert Reviews. Ill be looking at THE WORST BAND IN THE WORLD….GREEN JELLY!!! Plus I just went to a GWAR concert to gather material for another episode. We’ll see how they are without the late great Dave Brokie. So stay tuned nation. New content is coming soon. ROCK ON \m/